Titan LED

– Brilliant Lighting with American Manufacturing & Engineering at its Core

Titan LED is a Fortune 500 Manufacturer & OEM specializing in Energy Efficiency and Commercial Grade LED Lighting Solutions right here in America. Entering the space almost 7 years ago, which is a lifetime in the LED space, Titan LED quickly shed its role as an overseas reseller to become an American manufacture who designs and develops its own intellectual property, including patent pending thermal management called ACC technology.

We offer a core product line (The Hennessy Series) which includes; Linear Tubes (2ft, 4ft, & 8ft), High Bays, Shoeboxes, Wall Packs, & Fuel Canopies. This broad range of proprietary and cutting edge products were designed to install and retrofit into a variety of existing infrastructures such as Warehouses, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Municipalities, & Small Businesses for massive energy savings and lighting that is impressively brilliant and uniform.

Our mission is to build world class American made products and we pride ourselves in manufacturing the most efficient, quality driven products in the marketplace to date. In stark contrast to other manufacturers that have taken their operations “off shore” to save on production costs, Titan LED is committed to putting Americans back to work and building a company that relies on American ingenuity and labor. Hence, we manufacture our lights using the most innovative technologies and engineering available in the LED space and we pioneer that innovation in house.

Our early endeavors and experiences as an overseas reseller weren’t glamorous. They resulted in an abundance of premature failures & quality issues, along with delivery constraints and delays that left Titan LED at fault and without answers. In truth, there was much to overcome when quality control and integrity fell outside of the country and in the hands of others who deemed themselves “manufacturers”. Consequently, we were forced to look more carefully at manufacturer relationships and took actions toward extreme quality measures. These measures would eventually launch Titan LED a product offering of our own and a core product line that advocates American Made performance products.The belief from Titan LED president, Brian Hennessy, is “we’ll never sacrifice quality to earn a dollar”. As a result, shortcuts don’t exist when you look deeply into makeup and design of Titan’s proprietary LED products. Some of the finest parts, componentry and technology include; Lumileds Tier One Chips, Extruded Aluminum Heat Synchs, ACC Thermal Management, Polycarbonate Lensing, Aluminum substrate PCB boards, and 6063 Aluminum housings. Additionally, our expertise and manufacturing capability is further demonstrated with an ISO and military certified facility to meet high production requirements, and Six Sigma quality standards.

While the public is well informed about the benefits of LED lighting over traditional lighting such as; energy savings, reduced maintenance, and greener footprint, few realize the importance of thermal management and its real impact on longevity and sustainability. Titan has come to identify that if you do not take the proper steps to thermally manage your products, they will prematurely fail. Although LED products do operate at cooler temperatures in comparison, they most definitely manifest heat. Therefore, it was extremely important to engineer and incorporate a new technology within some of its products. Titan’s incredible LED Thermal Management is classified as Active Cooling Chamber Technology or AKA, “ACC Technology”. It wasn’t surprising that after reviewing third party test results, ACC Technology promised to be a real industry game changer. So much that, Titan LED ACC Technology has a pending patent.

About ACC Technology

ACC Technology is designed to deliver the greatest efficacy in today’s LED Market by utilizing 28 thermal exchange ducts through which cool air is actively vented to drastically reduce the core junction temperature of high power LEDs. A high power LED generates a great deal of heat. Heat, however, has a deteriorating effect on the light emitting properties of any LED. It also reduces the amount of light an LED can produce, which is why LED lighting fixtures are brighter when they are initially lit and dim as they heat up. As a result, the fixture may lose as much as 20% of light once the attached heat sink reaches its heat saturation level.

ACC technology prevents the heat sink from reaching full saturation level, thereby consistently maintaining the greatest level of light output a high power LED can produce.

Most modern high powered LED lighting fixtures use internal convection cooling to cool their heat sinks in order to prevent an LED from burning out. This circulates air within the fixture housing basically creating a convection oven and heating up the fixture. ACC Technology divides the fixture interior into two distinct chambers; the cool chamber and the hot chamber. The cool chamber draws cool air in from outside the fixture across the LED driver helping to cool and extend the life span and efficiency of the driver. It then passes the cool air into the hot chamber through 28 thermal exchange ducts within the heat sink ensuring the core junction temperature of the LEDs are at or below the manufacturer’s recommended optimal specifications for longest life, greatest efficacy and brightest light emission. The air flow through the thermal exchange ducts has been precisely calculated to provide the highest thermal exchange rate and the lowest noise level.

The air is then vented out of the fixture through exhaust ports ensuring not only the coolest running LEDs, but the coolest fixture temperature as well. Our patent pending ACC Technology has set the bar very high for the most efficient LED fixture on the planet.

In the end, Titan LED is not a manufacturer that is pursuing a short term run or quickly exits because it wanted a fast dollar. Like its ACC Technology, Titan LED is here for the long haul and is very much a part of a rapidly growing and cutting edge arena. The competition will always bring forth new developments and challenges, but only those committed with a vision and passion to be world class will stay standing. So, here we will stand with our feet anchored in American soil to bring our customers the “Wow” Factor and quality light for years to come.