New Milwaukee® 600 MCM Crimper Provides the Most Accurate Way to Crimp

Milwaukee Tool fundamentally changes the way battery operated hydraulic crimpers are used in the field by delivering the single best user experience with the introduction of the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 600 MCM* Crimper. Built from the ground up to address the challenges users face on the jobsite, Milwaukee’s inline design and quick-connect, easy-open jaw make Milwaukee’s new 600 MCM Crimper easy to operate in the most challenging work environments, delivering superior accuracy and reduced user fatigue. The Milwaukee 600 MCM Crimper, along with Milwaukee U Style Dies, is UL Classified with most #8 – 600MCM Cu and #8 – 350 MCM connectors.

“Today electricians are using large, clunky, front heavy crimpers to splice or terminate electrical connections. Accuracy of crimp alignment is a key component of crimp integrity. Current crimpers are challenging to align because they’re so front heavy, often requiring two people ensure proper crimp placement,” said Paige Bovard, Sr. Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Through a proprietary jaw design, the 600 MCM Crimper easily holds connectors for instant alignment, resulting in accurate and fast initial crimps. The in-line design and easy open jaws improve accuracy and speed of subsequent crimps as they can easily open the jaws with just the press of a thumb, a superior process for a single user.”

The new crimper features the industry’s first adaptive pressure control system, Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM™). “While speed and accuracy don’t traditionally go hand in hand,” says Bovard, “we are able to achieve both with PFM™.” With the ability to measure and modify all performance levels of the system, PFM™ pushes the hydraulics extremely hard and fast through the beginning of the cycle, and lands them softly at the right pressure during the completion of the crimp. This protects components for up to 4X longer life, and results in the single fastest, most precise crimping system on the market.

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