The Console-X

Console-X Truck Consoles from Mobile Desk / Mobile Office Solutions has become the new standard for Electric Utility Contractors and Companies of all sizes. The rapid adoption of the Console-X within the Electric utility markets has driven by its unique ability to consolidate Fleet, Telecom and End Users standards and requirements into a single package.Read More

Model 15KVPSet Voltage Probes

Summit Technology’s model 15KVPSet voltage probes allow connecting PowerSight power analyzers directly to 3-phase voltages up to 15 kilovolts. Normally, professionals who wish to measure 12,470 volt lines need to locate or install a PT (potential transformer) in order to monitor medium voltages. The 15KVPSet allows direct connection of medium voltages to PowerSight analyzers. ShownRead More

High Lumen LED Filament Lamp

TCP’s energy-efficient High Lumen LED Filament Lamps are the ideal replacements for HID metal halide lamps and corn cob lamps. The classic HID shape fits perfectly into existing fixtures. Bypass application means that no cumbersome ballasts are needed for operation. Its smaller design makes it extremely versatile in that it simply screws into existing socketsRead More