The Future of Outdoor Lighting

THE FUTURE OF OUTDOOR LIGHTING can be summarized by one word and one acronym on everyone’s mind: efficiency and LED. From the cost-saving homeowner to a facility’s bottom line, efficient LED lighting motivates the entire outdoor lighting market — and for a good reason. Switching to LEDs is not only way more efficient than traditionalRead More

Total Power Quality and Its Impact on Machinery Availability

A DECREASE IN MACHINE AVAILABILITY due to power quality issues disturbs the natural flow of manufacturing, leading to lost productivity, increased maintenance requirements and eroded customer trust. Machine downtime is the single largest source of lost production, typically accounting for almost 5 percent of factory losses—although many manufacturers lose more. For example, when the costRead More

Getting in Control

FROM THE ELECTRIC FANS AND POWER TOOLS in our homes, to crane control systems and industrial machinery — motors can be found in mechanical applications of all shapes and sizes. But what exactly keeps them turning? Here, Joshua Piccaver, electrical design engineer at power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, explains why resistors are key to ensuringRead More

Protecting Medical Devices

PEOPLE RELY ON HOSPITALS to provide the expertise and equipment needed to keep them healthy. However, if the electrical equipment fails at any point, doctors cannot provide this care and patients are put at risk. Here, Juan Chavez, vice president of transient surge protection specialist Energy Control Systems, explains how the UPS and transient detectionRead More

The Future of Commercial Spaces:

Introduction In an industry that constantly changes as new technologies emerge, it’s crucial that electrical contractors and manufacturers stay up to date with the latest trends in power and connectivity. Accessible power is a necessity in all spaces, and these days, most commercial spaces are becoming increasingly versatile in their design. This demands an evenRead More

Seeing the Light with Connected Emergency Luminaires

Connected emergency luminaires are finding a new role in smart building automation and providing an ideal platform for a building’s wireless infrastructure. Alvaro Garcia, senior Director of Product Management at Fulham Co., Inc., discusses how modern safety lighting solutions are not only making buildings safer, but also simplifying emergency systems installation, maintenance, and management. TheRead More