High Performance Insulated Tools are Essential for Electrical Shock Hazards

INSULATED HAND TOOLS are critically important to protecting personnel working in the proximity of energized equipment, but products vary greatly in performance. The highest quality tools are engineered and manufactured to durably retain their essential insulative properties. But lower cost options are also available. Big box stores, e-commerce sites, and discount tool retailers offer insulatedRead More

Improving Data Center Availability with Single-Phase UPS Systems (Part 2)

TYPES OF SINGLE-PHASE UPSIn general, classifying single-phase UPS come down to three basic characteristics. TOPOLOGY: For the most part, topology in UPS comes down to a choice between standby (basic), line interactive, and on-line. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. In single-phase applications involving a control system, Emerson recommends standby or line-interactive UPS models withRead More

4 Differences Between Commercial & Residential Lighting

COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING might look similar, but their design, purpose, and manufacturing couldn’t be more different. Depending on its application, commercial lighting can be customized to fit any facility and its operations. Brightness intensity, maintenance requirements, and warranties are all important factors when looking at commercial fixtures. On the other hand, residential lighting isRead More

Quality Matters: Awareness of the Basic Issues of Power Quality and How To Tackle Them

ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCEElectrical interference is more formally known as either electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). EMI is the more general term, RFI applies only to interference over the band of frequencies used for radio transmissions. However, for this article, the two terms are interchangeable and will be referred to as EMI. EMI isRead More