Choosing a Power Quality Analyzer to Meet Your Accuracy Needs

TODAY THERE ARE MANY CHOICES AVAILABLE when selecting an instrument for power quality analysis. The features and functions vary tremendously across offerings by the manufacturers of these products. Let’s first look at the international standard IEC 61000-4-30. It describes the measurement requirements, and the way power quality analyzers should make measurements. The standard defines theRead More

LED Luminaires Outperform in Demanding Industrial Facilities

HEAVY INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTS such as steel mills, power generation plants, pulp and paper mills, cement production facilities, foundries, mining operations, and shipbuilding yards provide some of the biggest challenges for LED lighting systems. Excessive heat, moisture, vibration, dust and power quality fluctuations caused by harsh production processes can all contribute to premature LED failure, erasingRead More

How Digital Transformation is Redefining Backup Power

Digital transformation was put on the fast track as businesses adjusted amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In just two short years, advancements in distributed IT networks and cloud infrastructure shifted from competitive advantages to business requirements to accommodate new remote work models and streamline operational functions in the face of pandemicrelated challenges. Digital-centric IT strategies willRead More

Top Products 2021

Each year we choose what we believe are Top Products in the Electrical Industry market. This year is no different. The products and services chosen are each unique, beneficial and reliable in their own right. Having the ability to choose the tools and services that best fits your job description and your work style isRead More

Maintaining EV Chargers

ELECTRIC VEHICLES ARE HEADLINE NEWS, BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE.There have been negative reports of safety issues like car fires. But more important, industry trends fueled by controversy over global warming and issues of the environment and pollution have made electric vehicles the trend of the future. Amid such excitement, it’s easy to overlook fundamentals andRead More

Smart Lighting from the Cloud

THE SPANISH TOWN OF POZUELO DE ALARCÓN, located 15 kilometres west of Madrid, now benefits from a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and centrally controllable lighting solution. Tridonic has equipped the municipality with 2,700 smart, dimmable LED drivers for the entire outdoor area. The town can thus save more than 50 percent in energy costs and take aRead More

Versatile, Low-cost Insulation Resistance Testing

INSULATION RESISTANCE TESTING has evolved over several decades. The fundamental principles of testing insulation resistance have not varied significantly over that time, however, the instrumentation used to measure insulation resistance has improved greatly in capability, accuracy, functionality and usability. Insulation resistance test instruments resistance testers are commonly known as Megohmmeters. One interesting common belief isRead More

Power Backup Considerations for a Post-Pandemic World

TO LOOK BEYOND THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC for many businesses requires contextualizing all the advancements that have helped guide them through it. Megatrends like digital transformation have been accelerated by our circumstances this past year. Innovations that have been introduced won’t be going away or anywhere anytime soon. Electrical contractors should consider how this changing ITRead More