Top Products 2021

Each year we choose what we believe are Top Products in the Electrical Industry market. This year is no different. The products and services chosen are each unique, beneficial and reliable in their own right. Having the ability to choose the tools and services that best fits your job description and your work style isRead More

Appleton™ Mercmaster™ Connect LED Luminaire

The Appleton™ Mercmaster™ Connect LED Luminaire by Emerson is designed to illuminate hazardous and harsh industrial locations with integrated motion and illuminance sensors. This groundbreaking solution dramatically lowers cost when compared to wired monitoring alternatives, with faster installation time and minimal disruption to plant operations. Mercmaster Connect LED Luminaires are linked wirelessly to Plantweb Insight™Read More

Appleton™ IHC LED Luminaire

The Appleton™ IHC LED Luminaire by Emerson is the ideal solution to deliver light from mounting heights of 50 to over 100 feet. This innovative solution LED luminaire supports heavy industrial facilities in their drive for continued productivity, lower costs, and better safety. The Appleton IHC is especially ideal for hot areas of a facility,Read More


The IMPULSE PHASER was originally developed in the early 1950’s to increase personnel safety when working on paper insulated, lead covered cables. Since its introduction, the IMPULSE PHASER has been used safely and reliably by electric utilities throughout the U.S. on solid dielectric cables and paper insulated, lead covered feeders in excess of 20 milesRead More

Type LAFG Liquatite® Flexible Conduit

Electri-Flex Company offers Liquatite® flexible electrical conduit Type LAFG, now with an improved PVC jacketing. These enhancements include a food processing blue color, a wider temperature range, and now antimicrobial. Food Grade type LAFG provides a flexible liquidtight protective wiring raceway, ideal for Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Bottling Equipment installations. The food processing blue jacketingRead More

OmniMax LED Retrofit

The OmniMax is the perfect fit when updating decorative streetlights to LED. Emulating the burn center and size of HID bulbs the OmniMax utilizes existing fixture optics as intended. A matte finish, molded silicone optic eliminates LED ‘points’ and glare. Built-in smart features, such as Photocontrol Failsafe, which guarantees dusk-till-dawn operation should the fixture photocontrolRead More

All Jack™

Increase productivity and decrease fatigue using iTOOLco’s All Jack™. Install pipe, lights, cabinets, drywall, temporary dust barriers and much more with this innovative jack designed to lift and support the weight of your workpiece while you anchor it into position. High ceilings and ladder work are not a problem for this dynamic tool. Reach fromRead More