CL5 Base Cover from Brandon Industries

The CL5 base cover is a simple and sleek design for 4” round or fluted poles. The base is a one-piece slip-over aluminum unit, covered in a polyester powder-coat for durability and long-lasting protection of the street light appearance. Extruded Aluminum Pole with Decorative Base Base Height: 23” Base Width: 17” 4” OD Smooth RoundRead More

FLEX Bulb from BREX Lighting

One bulb with a multitude of uses. A versatile, energy efficient, and easy to use LED bulb. The FLEX Bulb can be used in many applications such as and not limited to High Bay, Shoe Box, and Post Tops. For more information, visit


The OmniMax is the perfect fit when updating decorative street lights to LED. Emulating the burn center and size of HID bulbs the Omni- Max utilizes existing fixture optics as intended. A matte finish, molded silicone optic eliminates LED ‘points’ and glare. Built-in smart features, such as Photocontrol Failsafe, which guarantees dusk-till- dawn operation shouldRead More

Connect Generators with the InterLock Kit

Connect portable and standby generators to home panels with the InterLock Kit. Safe and easy-to-use, the InterLock Kit is designed to provide contractors and homeowners a low cost alternative to a transfer switch. The InterLock Kit is a safe and legal device that allows users to connect their generators to existing panels for quick andRead More

Griplock® Cable Gripper

Griplock® Systems has been a market leader in the Cable Suspension Industry since 1992. We are committed to providing high-quality, high-performance and budget-conscious products, backed by outstanding customer service and engineering expertise. Our products are the safest, strongest, simplest and most versatile system of its kind on the market today, offering thousands of precision-made partsRead More

2-Amp Ducter™ Low Resistance Ohmmeter

The Megger DLRO2, a 2-Amp Ducter™ Low Resistance Ohmmeter, is ideal for use in production line testing and industrial applications. Applications that require long test leads are not a problem for the DLRO2 as it has a dedicated long test lead mode that optimizes the instrument to work with very long test leads. The unit’sRead More

New UltraLite 40 Cal Lift-front Vented Hood

We’ve listened to our users who perform “non-contact” testing within the arc-flash protection boundary and have release the OTEX lift shield hood. This new style hood will incorporate the Paulson lift shield assembly. The new hood assembly will also have the additional safety features of our standard M12 vented 40 Cal hood such as theRead More

The Electronic Control Center (ECC)

The ECC combines all your electronics into a single no drill package, and you get to keep your center seat! This ECC Package Includes: Your Fully Adjustable Laptop or Tablet Mount • Your Mobile Radio Mount Microphone Clip Your Handheld Radio Charger Mounts Variable Shutdown Timer PDU (12 Volt Power Distribution Unit) Ring Terminal BussRead More