Selecting the Correct Power Backup Solution for the Pandemic and Beyond

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While choosing the right UPS is a process, taking a careful approach will allow electrical contractors to ensure they are deploying the best solution for their customers. Being strategic is especially important considering how IT demands are evolving in our current circumstances – and the uncertainty that always underlies Mother Nature. In a follow-up article, I’ll offer a few more tips to consider for the design and organization of UPS solutions to keep critical data processes protected.

About the Author
Ed Spears is a product marketing manager in Eaton’s Critical Power Solutions Division in Raleigh, North Carolina. A 40 year veteran of the power-systems industry, Ed has experience in UPS-systems testing, sales, applications engineering and training—as well as working in power-quality engineering and marketing for telecommunications, data centers, cable television and broadband public networks. He can be reached at [email protected], or find more information at