Emerson Introduces Greenlee® REEL-X™ Line of Electrical Fish Tapes

Industry-first design revolutionizes the fish tape while delivering increased
speed and comfort

Emerson (NYSE: EMR) revealed a new line of electrician fish tapes that make fishing two times faster compared to a traditional electrical fish tape. Faster fishing is possible with REEL-X because the anti-bind case reduces friction; additionally, REEL-X can be set on the ground or held between the legs to free up both hands for pulling or feeding the tape.

“Fish tapes are a tool every electrician has, and every electrician complains about” said Adele Hendrix, product manager for Greenlee, Emerson. “Fish tapes also haven’t significantly changed in decades. REEL-X eliminates many problems our customers face when using fish tapes, so they can get the job done faster and easier.”

REEL-X was engineered to eliminate the biggest problems present in traditional fish tape designs, fighting binds and jams in the tape which slows down an already tiring process. Customers often reported strain in their shoulders and wrists while fishing. Greenlee’s patent-pending design features a free-spinning interior reel that helps eliminate binding, requiring less physical force to feed and pull the tape which reduces fatigue. The new design lacks a handle, so the user is encouraged to hold the case closer to their body. This helps minimize discomfort, while assisting with decreasing physical strain by promoting neutral arm and wrist posture.

The case is designed to be opened easily to remove dirt and quickly swap out reel cartridges, which is a feature not presently possible. A storage lock was added to the case to keep the tape in place when not in use.

“We’re excited to be able to offer a fish tape that is easy to use and to maintain. Being able to easily clean the tape and clear out dirt will prolong the life of the tool. And if the professional does have to replace a tape, it can be done in just a few minutes instead of being a task that is avoided or not done today,” said Hendrix.

For more information, visit emerson.com