Gardner Bender Portable Cyclone® Powered Conduit Bender

Introducing the innovative new Gardner Bender Portable Cyclone® powered conduit bender for bending 1/2” – 1” EMT, Rigid, IMC, and 1/2” – 3/4” PVC-Coated Rigid conduit, all on a single shoe! The bender uses a standard pipe threader as a power source, making it versatile and quick to set up with a common jobsite tool.

It is compatible with most pipe threaders on the market. The Portable Cyclone® is designed with portability in mind. Weighing in at just 35 lbs (about 53 lbs with a pipe threader attached), this bender is easy to carry around on a jobsite or up and down stairs. Reduce the risk of injury by removing the need to bend larger sizes of conduit using a hand bender or lugging around heavy equipment and conduit. Make work more efficient by saving time on the jobsite.

Performing precise bends with repeatability has never been this quick and easy, especially for early stage apprentices. It takes the guess work out of bending to specific angles and gives you the correct bend every time. This is great for larger jobs that require many bends. Doing continuous bends with a traditional hand bender or mechanical bender would typically become tiring over time and make it more difficult to consistently bend to the correct angle. But using the Portable Cyclone® eliminates this problem. It saves time on the job site and is more efficient than using a hand bender. It can make a 90° bend in as little as 10 seconds.

It is especially handy for doing specialty bends like offsets and saddles quickly. There are markings on the bending shoe to help do these bends easily.

The markings include deduct arrows, rim notches, and back of 90° bend stars similar to what’s seen on a hand bender. Additionally, the Portable Cyclone® has a bend radius to NEC requirements. Setup is easy; just use the lever adjustment on the back of the bender to adjust the level of the conduit, attach the threader to the bender, and you can begin bending. The bender can be positioned in either the vertical orientation or placed on its side to bend in the horizontal orientation. The 3/4” threaded legs can also be removed to create a longer stand when it is placed on its side. The bender is not only compatible with the Gardner Bender Power Driver, but also many common 11-R and 12-R threaders on the market.

The Portable Cyclone® is the perfect replacement for large and clunky mechanical benders that take up more room in a service van or truck. Because there is only one shoe for all sizes there are no additional spare parts to carry around and keep track of. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to move around. Rather than having to run bent conduit through a jobsite, easily take the Portable Cyclone® to bend in any location.

All this is available at a competitive price versus similar benders on the market. The Portable Cyclone® is first option for bending 1/2” to 1” conduit that doesn’t break your back or wallet!