Unjacketed Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit – Type SSL

ELECTRI-FLEX COMPANY offers Type SSL, an unjacketed stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, flexible electrical conduit. This conduit type is extra flexible for tight bend applications, provides high mechanical strength, and is constructed of Type 304L stainless steel, making it an ideal solution for corrosive atmospheres.

The benefit of utilizing a stainless steel flexible conduit is it provides exceptional resistance to corrosive atmospheres, such as chemical processing, water treatment plants, and other specialty applications where standard plated steel may not be adequate. Other applications could include food processing, pharmaceutical, marine & coastal, petrochemical facilities, pulp & paper mills, telecommunications, instrumentation & security, medical instruments, sensors, thermal couplers, laser equipment cables, process & control instrumentation, measuring & controlling devices, analytical instruments, fiber optics, and more.

Electri-Flex Company provides five varieties of jacketed, stainless steel, flexible conduits, and one unjacketed conduit. These types provide a broad array of variations including: Food Grade/NSF Certified, Industrial Grade, Halogen-Free, Low Fire Hazard, and Extreme High/Low Temperature varieties.

Electri-Flex Company, a leader in electrical conduit design and manufacture for 65 years, produces Liquatite®, the most diverse line of liquidtight flexible electrical conduit in the industry. The company offers custom design, cutting, engineering, quality assurance and testing capabilities.

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