AEON LED – Slaton High School Football Field Case Study

750W AEON Sports Luminaire HID Equivalent: 2,000W 105,000 Delivered Lumens

In Texas football is king and in Slaton, TX and the community there had a special treat when they kicked off the season under their new AEON LED Lights. When the lights are on the town knows there is a game going on. It gives the big game feel to the local community.

“We are grateful our admin took care of us on updating our fields with these new lights and would highly recommend these lights.” Lawrence Johnson Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Slaton ISD.

Slaton High School upgraded their football field lighting from the traditional 40 pcs. x 1500W HID lamps to the new 40 pcs. 750W AEON LED Luminaires.


One key factor in upgrading from the old lighting system was it wasn’t bright enough. Made broadcasting the games tough. AEON did a photometric study and showed that using 40 x 750W AEON LED Luminaires would best replace the 40 X 1500W Metal Halide Fixtures. AEON Luminaires are also neighbourhood friendly that makes the light going onto the field and not on the surrounding properties. No light spillage or sky glow. The light goes exactly where you want it to go.

Slaton High School’s Football Field is getting better quality light with 53% less energy consumption. The 750W AEON Luminaires dramatically improved the visibility on the field and for spectators. AEON Luminaires have a high color rendition showing true colors: with a CRI >85. AEON’s Proprietary Glare-Free Illumination (UGR <19) makes for no uncomfortable sensation or visual discomfort for the players and spectators.

The AEON Luminaire’s proprietary thermal management system allows for continuous airflow keeping the Luminaire cool in the Texas heat. AEON’s Proprietary Design offers Uniform and Constant Light Levels throughout the Life of the Luminaire, with Minimal Lumen Depreciation. Additionally, with a rated Luminaire life of up to 100,000 hours, the AEON Luminaires will last over 5 times longer than the old Metal Halide Lamps. Ballasts were also eliminated from the circuit, additionally reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption.


Prior Traditional Energy Consumption (including ballast draw factor):
40 pcs x 1,610W= 64,400W
Current AEON Energy Consumption:
40 pcs x 750W= 30,000W
Energy Savings: 34,400W – 53%

40 pcs x 1,610W HID= 64,400W
40 pcs x 750W LED = 30,000W




The new AEON LED Luminaires provided the LED solution that will last Slaton for years on end allowing the school to spend their time, money, and resources on more productive projects instead of changing out failed lamps and ballasts. Better Light with less energy consumption! With instant ON/OFF capabilities no more waiting for the lights to turn on. Less energy being used and more time to use the lights. Everyone is happy with the new lights, administration, students, parents, and the community. AEON LED Lighting is a win for everyone!

“The new Lights are brighter and clearer with more range. We’ve had a lot of positive comments about being able to see the field lights from anywhere in town.” Lawrence Johnson Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Slaton ISD.

If you are looking to build a State-of-the-Art Lighting System from the Ground-Up or Update your Current Lighting System, AEON has the right solution for you and your project.