High-end Lighting Control for the Latest Mixed-use Complex in Vietnam

Tridonic supplies state-of-the-art lighting technology for the 354,000 square metre Lotte Mall West Lake Hanoi

The Lotte Mall in Hanoi, recently completed at a cost of 634 million US dollars, is one of the largest shopping centres in Asia. The company behind the project, the multinational Lotte Group, a top-five South Korean company, chose Tridonic to provide the lighting control system for the mall. The Lotte Mall, which had its grand opening in September 2023, has a highly automated lighting system with programmable profiles that ensure optimum lighting conditions and low energy consumption at all times.

Lotte is a South Korean conglomerate with 90 business units. It was founded in 1967 and is active in the food, retail, chemical, hotel, construction, rental, logistics and healthcare sectors. Lotte Mall West Lake Hanoi is a combination of a hotel, shopping arcades, apartments, offices, an aquarium, art exhibitions and a cinema complex. It is located on West Lake, Hanoi’s largest freshwater reservoir. The architecture of this complex is truly impressive with its pixel design, its facades of offset box structures and four high-rise towers, each around 100 metres high.

Its interior design is as unusual as the exterior. The challenges for the lighting designers came from the very different demands, ranging from daylight-dependent lighting for the produce in the food stores to effective lighting for the large murals in the gallery.

Project Partners

Lotte and Tridonic have been collaborating on various projects for four years. When the new project for Hanoi was being planned Tridonic was able to present its flexible, fully wireless lighting control system directly to the Lotte shop lighting designers and the Lotte engineering and construction managers. This presentation, together with its proven expertise in implementing large-scale projects won it the contract.

Tridonic collaborated with various local and international partners on the project and contributed its expertise as a planner, project manager and implementer. The direct customer and provider of the LED drivers and lighting control for Lotte was KWANGIL Lighting. Luminaire suppliers RAAT, E-LIKO and HYOSUNG LIGHT were responsible for installing all the luminaires for Lotte Mall West Lake Hanoi. These partners valued the high level of service Tridonic offered at each phase of the project and the support from its highly trained personnel on site.

Fully Wireless

Tridonic’s lighting control elements are used throughout the building complex (hotel, mall, offices and food store) and operate entirely wirelessly. The decision not to lay any cables but to provide a fully wireless solution was preceded by a detailed cost analysis. The calculations showed that a wireless solution was much more cost effective in a new building.

basicDIM Wireless Application Controller as the Infrastructure for Lighting Control

Tridonic supplied 20 basicDIM Wireless passive module G2 application controllers and more than 1,500 drivers for the various luminaires. The application controllers can be managed wirelessly via an Android or iOS device and do not require a gateway. They automatically set up a wireless communication network with up to 250 nodes and have a digital, DALI-compatible output. Bluetooth BLE is used as the wireless protocol, which is particularly energy-efficient. The lighting control system was set up in the project by a Tridonic employee from South Korea.

“It was important for us to show that wireless installations operate really well, especially for large-scale professional projects, and lead to significant cost savings. Customers in Vietnam are increasingly focusing on good lighting and extensive automation,” said project manager Mark Kim of Tridonic.