The Importance of Safety in Hand Tools for Professionals

HAND TOOLS PLAY AN ESSENTIAL ROLE in a professional electrician’s safety, and productivity, helping them accomplish many of their foundational tasks around the jobsite. For an electrician, the right tools can mean the difference between a safety risk and a job well done as they constantly operate in potentially hazardous environments, making the need for safe tools an absolute must. These tools receive extensive use throughout a professional’s career, further driving the importance of quality and reliability in a hand tool investment.

1000V Insulated 10-20 AWG Wire Stripper & Cutter

Hand tools such as pliers, wire strippers, and crimpers are all basic tools electricians have used for decades. Despite the heavy use and high demands of these products, many of these solutions have seen little innovation over time. However, some manufacturers have worked to integrate continuing technology with certain advancements in the design and manufacturing processes to make their hand tools. With these improvements, many new tools are enhancing the safety of the professional jobsite, providing users with better durability and performance.

Safety Improvements

1000V Insulated Wire Stripper

No matter what kind of work an electrician is doing, selecting safe and reliable hand tools is vital. For instance, for electricians who work in environments where live circuitry may be present it is crucial to take extra precautions, wear advanced PPE, and utilize insulated hand tools. Insulated hand tools, along with proper PPE and safety precautions, provide an essential barrier for user safety. Milwaukee Tool’s recent expansion of Insulated Hand Tools stands as a recent industry example of solutions designed to further improve the safety of professionals. These solutions, including the 1000V Insulated 9” Lineman’s Pliers, 1000V Insulated 8” Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 1000V Insulated Wire Stripper, 1000V Insulated Multi-Bit Screwdrivers, and 1000V Insulated Slim Tip Screwdrivers are UL classified and certified to IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505 standards for insulated hand tools.

Helping reduce fatigue in application is another important factor to driving safety for the professional on the jobsite. As frequent use of poorly designed tools often leads to hand, wrist, and muscle strains, investing in hand tool solutions with ergonomic designs can help to prevent injury from repetitive actions over time. Comfortable handles and padded grips are two examples of design features that can help lessen muscle strain and improve control. Milwaukee Tool’s Cutting Pliers (Made in the USA) offer an advanced, user-driven design that minimizes the risk of injuries from repetitive tasks. Setting professionals up for success right out of the package, these pliers are engineered to deliver the smoothest open and close experience with no break-in period required. Helping to improve safety, these solutions are offered in comfort grip with lanyard hole and dipped grip with a split-ring hole making them tether-ready for complete tie-off while working at heights on the jobsite. These pliers are optimized for overhead and confined spaces, enhancing control and reducing fatigue.

Performance, Efficiency, and Durability

More and more is being demanded from electricians. To meet those demands, while also maintaining safety on the jobsite, performance, efficiency, and durability in hand tool solutions are crucial factors for professional electricians to consider. Tools designed with efficiency in mind can reduce the number of tools required for a job, allowing users to carry less on their person. More durable tools allow users to stay on the job rather than having to track down a replacement for a damaged or broken tool. Purchasing durable hand tools from a trusted manufacturer ensures professionals can stay efficient and productive on the job.

Understanding the importance of performance, efficiency, and durability, Milwaukee’s Cutting Pliers (Made in the USA) solutions deliver professionals with top performance and ultimate durability to drive productivity and efficiency. An ergonomic design provides professionals with the easiest cuts while an optimized pivot point design gives maximum leverage to cut through tough materials. Built to last – and covered by a Milwaukee® Lifetime Guarantee, these cutting pliers have laser-hardened edges and teeth, delivering maximum grip and give users confidence in a long cut life. To drive efficiency and reduce tool swapping, the 1000V Insulated Multi-Bit Screwdrivers come with common tip types used by electricians, which allows users to carry less.

8-in-1 1000V Insulated Precision Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set

What does this all mean?

Overall, the continued innovation of electrical hand tools is crucial to ensuring the safety of professionals on the jobsite. High quality solutions provide users with durable tools that can withstand daily demands and maintain user safety in application. By investing in top-performing, trade-focused, hand tool solutions, electricians can meet the demanding requirements of the jobsite, increasing their productivity and performance. Milwaukee Tool’s commitment to understanding the challenges and requirements of professionals in the field ensures the delivery of cutting-edge manufacturing technology, resulting in innovative, high-performance solutions.