Griplock® Cable Gripper

Griplock® Systems has been a market leader in the Cable Suspension Industry since 1992. We are committed to providing high-quality, high-performance and budget-conscious products, backed by outstanding customer service and engineering expertise.

Our products are the safest, strongest, simplest and most versatile system of its kind on the market today, offering thousands of precision-made parts to fit almost every conceivable application.

The key component, the Griplock Cable Gripper, is a unique, self-locking, completely adjustable device, designed to securely lock onto a large range of aircraft cables. It requires no tools to adjust; up or down – as often as you like. The Griplock Gripper is precision built to our own engineering specifications and we closely monitor quality and test every shipment received. We continually refine the gripping mechanism to produce better results and our quality control system is modeled after ISO 9001.

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