Brightening the Future with Efficiency and Control

Executive Summary Rapid advancements in lighting technology bring forth an era of higher efficiency and smart control systems that are revolutionizing the way facilities manage their lighting needs. Through the success story of the Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church in Meridian, Idaho, this whitepaper illustrates the exceptional benefits of transitioning to LiteLogic LED solutions – highlighting significant energy savings, enhanced lighting quality, and customizable control options that align with modern demands for sustainability and functionality.


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance of a space, impacting functionality, productivity, and even the wellbeing of occupants. Traditional lighting solutions, like the fluorescent fixtures, have dominated the market for years but with growing energy costs and ecological concerns, institutions are now seeking smarter, more sustainable options. LiteLogic emerges as a game- changer in this realm, leveraging LED technology and Bluetooth controls to deliver superior illumination and energy efficiency. LiteLogic stands as a premium range of lighting products by the Barron Lighting Group, designed with cutting-edge features and capabilities to optimize performance while minimizing energy consumption. The solution comprises compact, long- lasting fixtures that deliver exceptional light output with minimal glare. It also incorporates Bluetooth controls for customizable scheduling and dimming options, enabling facilities to efficiently manage their lighting needs and further reduce energy costs.

The Challenge: Outdated Lighting Systems

The Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church, constructed in the early 2000s, faced the challenge many organizations encounter: aging lighting systems that are costly to maintain, fall short in illumination quality, and consume excessive energy. Annual lift rentals for lamp replacements and the struggle with color matching as lamps aged or were replaced with varying LED tube retrofits also outlined the demand for a modern lighting solution. Moreover, the ability to customize lighting for different events and gatherings was an essential requirement. The church needed a reliable, sustainable lighting system with advanced controls to address these issues.

“The dimming capability, the uniformity, the color and the warmth of the light is so much better than what we had. I like the controllability to turn down or change the tone of the lights.”

— Dave R, IT Manager Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church

Barron’s Solution

MH lighting, through Katie Smith’s consultation, presented Trace-Lite’s line of sustainable and high-performing lighting fixtures to the church. By replacing existing 4-lamp T8 fluorescent fixtures with Barron’s Trace-Lite LiteLogic LED solutions on a one-for- one basis, the church achieved:

  • Approximately 25% increase in foot candle levels, enhancing the brightness and ambiance of the space.
  • Around 40% reduction in energy consumption, translating to cost savings and environmental benefits.
  • Uniform color consistency across all fixtures, eliminating mismatched lighting colors.
  • Integration of LiteLogic’s Bluetooth control package permitting easy dimming and scene control adjustments through a user-friendly app.

The LPX-24-CP4 fixtures played a crucial role in facilitating these remarkable improvements. Their innovative design, coupled with the added user convenience of single-gang switches, ensured intuitive operation for individuals of all ages and technical proficiencies. QD Electrical Services went above and beyond, showcasing their unparalleled expertise and precision during the flawless installation of the fixtures. Their unwavering commitment to exceptional workmanship and meticulous attention to detail truly set them apart in the industry.

Implementing LiteLogic

The adoption of LiteLogic’s integrated LED lighting and control system proved to be a seamless and minimally disruptive process for the church operations. The quick programming, completed within hours, allowed for a wide range of configurations to suit different activities within the church, spanning from worship services to engaging presentations. The versatility and efficiency of the system significantly enhanced the overall experience for both the church members and visitors.

Benefits Realized

Energy and Cost Efficiency

Trace-Lite’s LiteLogic LED solutions significantly slashed energy use, yielding considerable cost savings while fulfilling the church’s commitment to sustainability.

Improved Lighting Quality

The enhanced lighting levels provided by Trace-Lite not only ensured better visibility and comfort for the churchgoers and staff but also created a welcoming ambiance that enhanced the overall experience within the church premises.

Advanced Controls for Customization

LiteLogic’s Bluetooth controls are a fundamental element of the church’s lighting system, providing seamless transitions between scenes and customizable dimming options. These innovative controls cater to various events and activities hosted within the church premises, enhancing the ambiance and flexibility of lighting arrangements.


The LiteLogic installation at the Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church exemplifies the profound impact advanced LED lighting solutions can have on institutions. The project was a testament to the tangible benefits of quality, control, energy savings, and the ease of transitioning to a smarter lighting system.

Any facility manager or lighting engineer witnessing the remarkable transformation at the Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church would understand the significant stride LiteLogic represents for future lighting solutions. It’s not just about lighting up a space; it’s about embracing technology that allows us to see clearer, work smarter, and live better.

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