iTOOLco: 10+ Years of Innovation

iTOOLco IS A UNIQUE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY that has led the electrical tool industry with their groundbreaking designs since 2001. iTOOLco’s inventors & Co-Founders David & Michael Jordan have developed and patented countless innovative products, pushing the envelope of what can be done to improve the lives of electricians and distribution partners alike. Awarded many prestigious accolades, including numerous NECA Showstopper Awards, iTOOLco is known for its groundbreaking work in the electrical field. Based in Clinton, TN – they are dedicated to creating the highest quality American-made products, backed by an industry-leading 6-year warranty.

With real-world experience as electrical contractors, brothers David and Michael Jordan have a deep understanding of the kind of quality, time-saving tools electricians depend on for doing the job right. Over the years iTOOLco has revolutionized the wire pulling market with the introduction of the first ever 12,000 lb. puller – the Cannon 12K, with built-in reverse. Their Cordless Cannon 3K & 6K. The first on the market of each, respectively. Capable of reaching areas where power may not be available, these pullers allow users to achieve the same amount of power, without worrying where it will come from. More recently the launch of their MVP20K has changed the game for large pulls, making quick work of even the toughest setups. Featuring an output torque limit dial capable of setting load limits. With a fully hydraulic adjustable arm setup, and the ability to bring power wherever you need it – the MVP20K is perfect for jobs too big for even the 12K. Also known for their Gear Punch, which includes lifetime replacement on draw studs, Tray Rollers, numerous Material Handling solutions, etc., iTOOLco ensures that no matter the job, there is a solution.

Over the years iTOOLco has had their sights set on being leaders of innovation in the industry and 2023 will be no different. With new product launches monthly – there is an absolute push to break boundaries and set precedent within the industry as a standard for how tools should improve work conditions. With each scheduled launch, iTOOLco’s core value of creating a Faster Safer Workspace has never been more clear. By focusing on their 30/30 program, they hope to influence customers to take a more serious look into material handling solutions – where there is usually a lot of money left on the table due to poor time & material management. The 30/30 program challenges this standard, instead pushing the idea of keeping all materials within 30 feet or 30 seconds of the area where you’re working. With the release of countless new material handling solutions, iTOOLco is looking to change the way contractors approach day-to-day operations.

Wanting to make sure all aspects of customer care are taken to the highest level, iTOOLco approaches servicing their tools with a different mindset – easy communication & a fast turnaround time. Coming in from the start with an industry-leading 6-year warranty, and a service team that not only is responsive – but truly understands that there is a person at the other end of the call was imperative. With a regular turnaround time of within a week, our in-house service team is determined to get your product back to you as soon as possible. “We understand things happen, and we will do our best to fix the issue and get your tool back to you as fast as possible” said Maria Jordan – head of customer care. “Service to our customers has always been held to a higher standard and that won’t stop anytime soon.”

At this year’s NECA convention iTOOLco has a few tricks up its sleeve as well. With the introduction of their new Material Management System – iTOOLco is changing the approach to their 30/30 program. With one expandable base featuring customizable uprights, the cart takes the end user’s needs fully into consideration. “We have transformed every cart we offer into one customizable unit” says David Jordan, (Co-Owner). Though meeting the needs of the customers is not new to contractors “Now our customers can choose their needs, and we can meet them more easily than ever” said Mike Jordan (Co-Owner). This cart is being given a preview here in the Electrical Products and Solutions Magazine, and will be available on Oct 1st when the show begins.

But if you really want to see an industry-changing product, you will have to stop by booth #200 at the NECA show, where we will reveal a product that will blow the industry away. iTOOLco’s track record for releasing innovations that alter the way the industry works is outstanding – and something BIG is coming. “Everyone will want one, literally every contractor will see it and go, that is a no-brainer,” said Mike Jordan. However, if you want to know more, you’ll have to stop by the booth or sign up for our E-Blasts. The newest game changer is being kept under tight lock and key. Nobody knows what’s coming, but we can promise you will hear about it when they do.

Do you want to find out more or schedule a live demo? Visit us online at or give us a call at 865-670-3713.