OTEX AR New Product Line

Lightweight Arc Rated PYRAD® suits by GORE-TEX LABS

IN HONOR OF THE “ELECTRICAL SAFETY MONTH”, OTEX AR, Rochester, NY is introducing their new product line. It is the next step in lightweight clothing and hood technology.

OTEX AR is introducing the new lightweight PYRAD® by GORE-TEX LABS single layer 40 cal/cm2 fabric into their existing product line. The new jackets and bib overalls are made from arc-rated PYRAD® technology by GORE-TEX LABS or from Gore’s advanced arc-rated fabric – the first of its kind to achieve 40 cal/cm2 protection in a single ply. The cloth is extremely light and flexible which allows the user unrestricted movement. The days of bulky and stiff arc-rated PPE is a thing of the past!

The new lift front hood – called the Rise™ – has been redesigned to include the patented arc flash sensor, task light and battery pack for the ventilator unit. The arc flash sensor detects an arc flash and shuts the cooling unit off to help preserve the fresh air inside the hood, giving the user time to escape the toxic air. In addition, their cooling unit, powered by the mighty Milwaukee M12 lithium-ion battery pack, provides fresh air for up to 6.5 hours. Quickly swap the battery and you’re back to work. BONUS: Use the built-in adapter to power any 5V device or charge your phone.

OTEX AR has been a leader in lightweight electrical-rated clothing since the Hybrid Series (also sold under the name UltraLight) that they introduced in 2013. This product was a game changer for the electrical industry. The hybrid “Ultra-Light” jacket and bib overalls uses a Protera outer layer and Indura inner liner. This was a great improvement over the “standard” multi-layer clothing design.

OTEX AR may even be the largest PPE manufacturer you’ve never heard of.

OTEX AR manufactures for many of the leading PPE brands through private label. Ultimately, OTEX AR is a hood technology company. Their focus on developing state-of-the-art cooling and safety technology has led to multiple patents and increased end-user safety. It is the only hood unit that incorporates the patented arc-sensing technology. Safety of the employee and maintaining a safe breathing area is their priority.

The vented hood was designed with the patented “arc sensor” to disable the fan operation which allowed the user a fresh air environment to exit the work area. The ventilation system options included a standard battery or a rechargeable Milwaukee battery for longer run-time use.

A Milwaukee M12 battery or the new rechargeable battery is offered (no more replacing batteries) and a sensor operated fan speed controller has been incorporated, resulting in longer operation by reducing the current draw on the battery. This battery and operating sensor are offered in both the PYRAD® suit by GORE-TEX LABS and the hybrid models At OTEX AR and Miller Safety Consultants, we are always working with our clients to better their work environment by listening to their needs, evaluating the risks and hazards and working with them to provide the necessary protection for the job task. New product development requires that we perform a risk analysis of the hazards, knowing that providing a simple change as a face shield can cause other issues to arise. We strive to be that safety product that an electrical worker can depend on and not worry that it may not save them from injury.

In conclusion, our advanced hood safety features are far above others in the market. Our service is excellent in providing you the products and repair when needed. Each piece of clothing is custom-made upon your order in Rochester, NY – in the USA! As a veteran-owned business, I’m proud to be part of development and the ability to offer it. You can get more information by visiting our website at www.electricalsafetysupply.com or contacting me at (703)367-0404.