Custom Conduit Cutting & Packaging

ELECTRI-FLEX COMPANY offers custom conduit cutting and packaging options to product orders. Customers requiring cut lengths of flexible electrical conduit can now have them cut to their required length and have the ends cleaned and deburred. Orders are then packaged and shipped direct to the jobsite. Custom conduit cutting provides the following benefits:

  • Saves time on installations.
  • Reduces labor and tools required.
  • Reduces or eliminates conduit scrap.
  • Decreases jobsite accidents that could result from improper cutting.

Distributor partners agree, “We took standard conduit that many sources can supply and turned this business into a customized solution for my customer. It saves time and money for them by cutting and packaging specifically to their needs. In the process, this item is now viewed as a cost savings item to both my company and my customer. This is truly a partnership.”

The Electri-Flex cutting division is located at its manufacturing facility in Roselle, IL. The highly trained staff and professional in-house equipment make processing custom orders fast and easy. Factory cut conduit is cut to a 90-degree angle, packaged and shipped. Customers can also choose to have the ends cleaned and deburred, leaving no jagged edges for safe handling and making pieces connector ready. Customers can request a quote through an authorized supplier or Electri-Flex representative. To learn more, visit