Electri-Flex Celebrates 65 Years of Quality and Conduit Innovation

ELECTRI-FLEX COMPANY, Roselle, IL, celebrates 65 years as a leader, manufacturing high-quality flexible Liquatite® conduit. Founded in the Chicagoland suburbs in 1955, Harold Kinander, Sr. led Electri-Flex in producing the first type of Liquatite® conduit. Today the Company manufactures nearly 50 varieties, offering the widest range of conduit available in the marketplace.

Electri-Flex is third generation owned and operated. In 1955, Harold Kinander, Sr. incorporated the Company and founded the Liquatite® brand. Today Harold’s grandchildren, Jason W. Kinander, CEO, Blue Kinander Kelly, VP, and JR Kinander, VP, successfully lead the organization. Janice Ruthe, COO, has been a tremendous addition to the executive team, focusing on many departmental changes, efficiencies, growth, and leadership for the Company. And Roy Hunn, VP of Operations, carries over 40 years at Electri-Flex and provides wisdom and a vision for the future of the Company through his leadership and manufacturing improvements.

What started in a Chicagoland chicken hatchery in 1955, Liquatite® is now manufactured and distributed from three buildings, all within a one-mile radius. This expansion is a symbol of the company’s history, success and future. Roy Hunn leads the investigation and implementation of new technologies in manufacturing, including metal fabrication and the extruding process. “This means a lot to Electri-Flex and its ability to remain a top provider of electrical conduit. It allows us to build on our reputation of worldwide quality, service, and product innovation,” said Jason Kinander, CEO.

Liquatite® flexible electrical conduit has evolved over the course of 65 years. Starting in 1955 with the first product, Type LT, today the Company offers nearly 50 varieties of flexible conduit. Liquatite® now offers specialty conduits that provide innovative conduit solutions such as Zero-Halogen, High / Low Temperature, Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel, EMI/RFI Shield-Flex®, and many more. These types of conduits provide solutions to specific applications such as Data Centers, Defense, Food Processing, Healthcare, Power Plants, Steel Mills, Rail/Transit, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Wastewater, and many more. Liquatite® is best known for its superior construction and ability to withstand the toughest of environments.

Electri-Flex Company continues to be a leader in innovative conduit solutions and superior customer service for 65 years. Liquatite® conduit offers the most diverse line of liquidtight flexible electrical conduit in the industry. The company provides custom design, engineering, cutting services, quality assurance and testing capabilities. For more information on Electri-Flex Company, call (630) 529 2920 or (800) 323-6174; e-mail: [email protected]; visit: www.electriflex.com; or write: 222 West Central Avenue, Roselle, IL, 60172-1994.