Electri-Flex Launches New Specialty Conduit by Market Video

ELECTRI-FLEX COMPANY has recently launched a new video featuring Liquatite® flexible electrical conduit that is ideally suited for the following markets: Food Processing & Pharmaceuticals, Rail & Transit, Wastewater Utilities, Mining, Oil & Gas Refineries, Data Centers, and Ship Building & Aerospace. These Liquatite® varieties offer features above and beyond standard liquidtight conduit, and include additional properties such as corrosion-resistance, halogen-free, EMI/RFI shielding, high/low temperature, antimicrobial for food processing, lightweight, UV-resistance, and more.

Liquatite® flexible electrical conduits are ideally suited for a variety of markets, and with nearly 50 conduit types to choose from, they offer a wide selection, with varying sizes, types, and colors available. Product categories include jacketed metallic, nonmetallic, unjacketed metallic, EMI/RFI shielded, and stainless steel.

To view the Conduit by Market video visit: http://www.electriflex.com/electri-flex-launches-new-specialty-conduit-by-market-video.