• UV grids in two of the library’s air handling units (AHUs), alongside enhanced HVAC filtration solutions, will help reduce airborne contaminants as part of the OpenBlue suite of connected solutions and is part of Johnson Controls commitment to creating safe and healthy buildings that reduce risk and increase peace of mind
  • Partially funded through CARES ACT, the project is part of the library’s ongoing commitment to the health of the surrounding community and is the first of its kind for a library in the Chicago area for Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart and sustainable buildings, is committed to equipping buildings with indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions to create spaces that put people at ease. Johnson Controls has helped customers across the globe, including the Vernon Area Public Library in Lincolnshire, IL, identify strategies to create healthier air in buildings with, including the use of ultraviolet (UV) lighting solutions to kill viral organisms.

As part of Vernon Area Public Library’s reopening strategy, Johnson Controls installed UV lighting in two of the library’s existing air handling units (AHUs) that serve the majority of the occupied space. As a result, airborne contaminants, including the COVID-19 virus, will be neutralized, while improving the building’s IAQ and creating a safer space for employees and visitors upon reopening. Partially funded by the CARES Act, this project is part of the library’s ongoing strategy to provide a class-leading environment for the community, and part of Johnson Controls commitment to creating safe and healthy buildings that reduce risk and increase peace of mind.

UV lighting has proven to be effective in airborne disinfection, which kills contaminants and pathogens including the COVID-19 virus. Implementing UV lighting grids in the library’s existing AHU’s will provide long-term benefits to occupants through a 99.99% reduction in bacteria, rhino viruses and corona viruses. Johnson Controls also installed advanced MERV 13 filters to provide a comprehensive decontamination strategy.

“Our goal has been to do everything within our power to keep our employees and the community safe,” said StephenTerrito, head of library operations at the Vernon Area Public Library. “The science is clear about the importance of addressing airborne transmission. We are pleased to be able to put this innovative and effective solution in place.”

Selected for its expertise and technical leadership in the HVAC and COVID-19-mitigation space, Clean Air solutions are part of Johnson Controls broader approach to reimagining spaces and places. Its experts were able to make strategic implementation plans that align with the library’s overall mission for safety and comfort. Johnson Controls has previously provided the library with HVAC, fire safety and security solutions through an ongoing service relationship, providing confidence that the UV lighting installation would be executed professionally, efficiently and without risking staff safety.

“The Vernon Area Public Library is our first library project in the Chicago-area that implements UV lighting as part of an IAQ improvement strategy,” said Catherine Hawn, Account Representative of Building Services at Johnson Controls. “As part of our OpenBlue Clean Air suite of solutions, UV lighting helps our customers achieve healthy, safe and flexible buildings, and we’re thrilled to help Vernon Area Public Library give the community increased peace of mind when they reopen.”

Johnson Controls offers a full portfolio of products and solutions to improve building IAQ and create safer, healthier facilities for customers:

York Air Handling Units: To reduce airborne pathogens within a building, mixed-air HVAC systems should focus on increasing outdoor air ventilation. York air handling units allow customers to maximize outside air to displace contaminated air and increase ventilation and air change rates.

Koch® Filters: Effective air filters are intrinsic to a successful infection control plan. Koch’s clean air solutions include high efficiency air filters, HEPA filters, and portable HEPA solutions for increased building flexibility.

Critical Environment Controls: Room pressurization, air change rates, humidity, and temperature are vital components in reducing airborne contaminants and preventing cross contamination within healthcare and laboratory facilities. The Johnson Controls line of Critical Environment Controls includes the broadest suite of products in the industry.

UV-C Lighting: Disinfectant lighting solutions are necessary to reduce pathogens both on surfaces and in the air. Johnson Controls offers a comprehensive suite of disinfecting lighting products, including retrofit options to keep facility disruptions and installation costs to a minimum.