NSI Industries First Company NEC 230.46 Compliant with Numerous Polaris® Connectors

Effective Jan. 1, 2023, NEC 230.46 Requires Wire Connectors Used for Splicing or Tapping Conductors on the Line Side of the Service to be Tested as Suitable for This Use

NSI Industries, LLC, a leading provider of electrical, HVAC, and building technology product solutions for more than 45 years, is proud to announce that it is the first company to be NEC 230.46 Compliant, with a number of Polaris® UL listed connectors adhering to this new requirement.

“Effective Jan. 1, 2023, NEC 230.46 requires wire connectors used for splicing or tapping conductors on the line side of the service to be tested as suitable for this use,” explained Joseph Saganowich, NSI Electrical Division President. “NSI’s Polaris pre-insulated connectors are ideally suited for this application and our customers will

be pleased to know that we’ve been actively testing sized 350-750 MCM connectors, which are now compliant with NEC requirements for connectors and devices installed on service conductors. NSI is actively working to qualify all relevant connectors to meet the new NEC 230.46 requirement.” The current compliant 350-750 MCM

Polaris connectors from NSI include series PL, PLH, IPL, IPLM, IPLMD, IPLD, IT, ISR, IPLH, IPLDH, IPLMDH, ISRH and ITH. Follow this link that contains an up-to-date list of part numbers that meet NEC 230.46.

The Polaris name signifies more than 30 years of pride in innovation, quality and reliability, with products engineered and manufactured in the USA. Polaris was the original innovator in pre-insulated connectors and has continued to lead the industry with high-quality lines including the customizable Polaris Black, the clear Vision Tap, the submersible Edge and the Grey, for fine-stranded copper wires. Additionally, its wide offering of uninsulated and mechanical connectors match the needs of any job. Polaris, a part of NSI Industries, remains the trusted brand most asked for by name.

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