Vantage and PureEdge Lighting Form Strategic Alliance

Alliance Brings Together Vantage Lighting Controls and PureEdge Lighting Systems, Creates Dealer Profit Promotion (DPP) with a 5% Discount on Projects Featuring Both Brands

Legrand’s Building Control Systems (BCS) division recently announced its Vantage brand has formed a strategic alliance with PureEdge Lighting. The alliance pairs Vantage’s industry-leading, customizable lighting controls with PureEdge’s tunable white, ranging from 2200K to 6500K, RGB, and RGB+TW (tunable white) lighting systems.

PureEdge Lighting has been a leader in the lighting industry for over two decades, bringing recessed 5/8” drywall lighting systems to the forefront for both residential and commercial applications. Controlling the lights is a crucial element of a versatile and easy-to-use lighting system.

“With today’s intense focus on incorporating innovative and tunable lighting fixtures, the control solution needs to be anything but ordinary,” said Amy Hahne, President of Vantage at Legrand, North America. “PureEdge Lighting’s portfolio of award-winning options truly stands out in this space, and with this alliance, integrators have Vantage’s control solutions that are just as noteworthy and up to the task of dialing in the perfect lighting environment.”

As part of this alliance, Vantage Controls and PureEdge Lighting have also introduced the 5+5 Dealer Profit Promotion (DPP). With DPP, projects featuring both Vantage and PureEdge products will receive a 5% discount from both brands when an order is placed. To qualify for the promotion, which runs to July 1, 2022, projects must be registered by a dealer or sales rep.

“As a lighting engineer, designer, and master electrician, I am constantly pursuing beautiful design with exceptional functionality. PureEdge strives to give designers the tools they need to light amazing spaces, and lighting controls are an important element in creating the experience when one enters a space. We’ve been doing this a long time and have integrated tunable white and RGB lighting into almost all of our product lines. Dynamic architectural lighting is what designers expect. Partnering with Vantage is one more way we can assist users of our lighting systems,” said Gregory Kay, Owner and CEO of PureEdge Lighting.

With dynamic, human centric lighting programming readily available and stunning keypad aesthetics, Vantage provides best-in-class lighting control. PureEdge provides unique and innovative lighting systems that have won multiple lighting design awards. Together, these two companies provide exceptional light control.