Vantage Lighting Control Helps Hotel Verdant Achieve Sustainability

Installed by Digital Living, Vantage’s Highly Customizable and Flexible Lighting Control System Provides Energy Efficiency and a Luxury Lighting Experience to Hotel Guests and Staff

Legrand’s lighting control brand Vantage today announced that Hotel Verdant in Racine, Wisconsin, is using Vantage to achieve energy-efficient and elegant lighting control. Seeking LEED Gold certification, AV integrator Digital Living installed Vantage’s lighting control solution, which is integrated with occupancy and daylight sensors throughout the hotel’s public guest and admin spaces, to create a lighting experience centered around sustainability and luxury.

“There is a ton of waste in the hospitality industry because it’s all about creature comforts,” said Michael Godfrey, CFO of Hotel Verdant. “For example, having a hallway stay at full brightness whether or not there are occupants adds up in the hotel’s daily energy consumption. Vantage allows us to rethink our lighting in such a way that it adjusts not only to conserve energy but to create a better, more comfortable ambiance for our guests.”

For the project, Digital Living President Shireesh Reddy relied on Vantage’s freedom of design and programming flexibility to fit the sustainability needs of Hotel Verdant’s lighting design. More than 90 motion detectors and 30 daylight sensors are tied into the Vantage system. Reddy leveraged Vantage’s ease of programming to enable the system to automate specific lighting sequences for the hotel that are based on occupancy, time of day, and/or the amount of natural light in the room. In the hallways and administrative offices, the motion sensors detect when someone is present and raise the lighting level; when no one is detected, they automatically dim, cutting down on the energy use. The hotel’s bar, Eave, takes advantage of Vantage’s astronomical clock, which is programmed to automate the bar’s lighting as the bar is opening. Before closing time, the system starts its power down sequence with the lights flashing. In the hotel’s lobby, which is surrounded by windows, the system’s daylight sensors automatically detect when there is a greater amount of sunlight in the room and adjust the lighting accordingly. In this way, Vantage provides both a more energy-efficient and human-centric lighting control experience. In addition, the system can be controlled manually from Vantage EasyTouch Glass keypads.

“I’ve been a Vantage dealer for over a decade,” said Reddy. “I was confident Vantage would align with the Hotel Verdant’s sustainable mission due to their product quality and commitment to innovation. Vantage empowers designers and integrators to create bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with our clients’ unique visions. At Hotel Verdant, Vantage helped set a new standard for energy-efficient and luxurious lighting experiences in the hospitality industry.”

Vantage provides powerful lighting control that can tackle any highly customized and advanced lighting control need with a simple approach. Vantage allows lighting designers and integrators to shape any space with precision dimming of today’s lighting technologies. From classic incandescent to modern LED, Vantage supports forward and reverse phase, 0-10VDC, PWM, DMX, and DALI, and covers static white, warm dim, and a wide variety of tunable and full-color lighting fixture control. Programming the system, fixtures, and keypads is simple using the latest version of Vantage’s Design Center software. The intuitive nature of Design Center allows Vantage dealers to provide a complete solution for any need. Design Center features easy and fast programming, with drag-and-drop program design.

Vantage is compatible with an extensive selection of light fixtures and keypads from leading manufacturers, including those in the Fixture Alliance and Keypad Alliance. The Fixture Alliance allows installers or designers to choose the fixtures they want with the peace of mind that the lighting design will come to life as planned and with the full functionality of every fixture being supported. Vantage tests every fixture and creates tunable profiles for its LHUMAN KolorTune™ fixture profile library, taking the guesswork out of control. This allows the dealer to program the fixtures with precise color temperatures. The growing alliance includes AiSPiRE (a WAC Company),

Circa Lighting, Colorbeam Lighting, Lucetta from Elemental LED, DMF Lighting, ELEMENT fixtures from Tech Lighting, Environmental Lights, LF Illumination, Lucifer Lighting Company, No. 8 Lighting, Proluxe by American Lighting, PureEdge Lighting, Specialty Lighting Industries, and Soraa Lighting.

In addition to Vantage’s wide portfolio of keypads, specifiers and installers using a Vantage system can select the keypad options available within the growing alliance to best fit the project. Vantage has formed strategic alliances with luxury partner keypad manufacturers Basalte, Forbes & Lomax, and Meljac.

“Vantage has a well-established history of enabling the finest lighting control that complements the luxury experience,” said Richard Laliberty, Product Marketing Manager, Shading and Residential Controls, Legrand North America. “Within that legacy is a commitment to flexibility and freedom of design. Hotel Verdant is an excellent example of what designers and integrators can do with a Vantage system. It’s a testament to the power of innovative lighting solutions in redefining sustainability and luxury in the hospitality industry.”

This mission reflects Legrand’s own commitment to sustainability. As a leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR), Legrand is committed to reducing the company’s carbon footprint, applying circular economy principles in its product design and manufacturing, promoting diversity and inclusion, and ensuring employees’ health and safety, professional development, and adherence to the highest ethical standards. Learn more about Legrand’s story: