4-way Conduit & Box Support Plate Split Fingers Positioning Device for Horizontal or Vertical Installation


  1. It is used with 4”,4 11/16” or 5” square outlet box and 6”x6” and 8” x8” junction boxes.
  2. Eliminates all conduit clamps.
    Bend large tabs with split fingers out and feed 1⁄2” thru 1 1⁄4” conduit or equal O.D. MC Cable into box at any KO location on all 4 side of box.
  3. For vertical application bend 4 smaller tabs out and insert 1/4”,3/8” or 1⁄2” rod secure with nuts.
  4. Four Large open KO-s in center allow entering back of box with up thru 3⁄4” raceway to save even more.
  5. Slots size 1⁄4” for fastening conduit clamps to plate with nuts and bolts plus holes for TEK screws if required are part of plate. These slots allow conduit for other systems to be installed at any location.
  6. Insert rod for horizontal application in fixed center hole of plate secure with nuts and washers or use with our QWIK BLOCK for easy horizontal application.
  7. SAVE over 1 hour per install with less material.

Customer must satisfy all codes and owner’s specifications. Parts are C UL US Listed and made in 18 Gauge Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel. Made In USA.

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