AEMC® Introduces two NEW Portable Hand-Held Ground Resistance Testers, Models 6422 and 6424

These new Ground Resistance testers are both economical and feature rich. They are ideal for testing commercial, residential, and light industrial grounding systems. Their innovative design simplifies the process and provides reliable results eliminating confusion in setting it up correctly. A simple one button connect-press-read operation is all that is needed. The Model 6424 is capable of storing and calculating the measurements from the simplified 62% test method and displaying the average and % deviation which is important in determining correct spacing for the test.


  • 2 Point & 3 Point testing; measures continuity, bonding, and ground resistance
  • Automatic verification of the injector auxiliary rod connection
  • Automatic test frequency adjustment
  • One shot and continuous test modes
  • Test button turns from red to green when the measurement is complete
  • Automatic measurement hold
  • Measure voltage up to 600V AC/DC
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Stores the 52, 62 and 72% measurements (Model 6424)
  • Measures AC Current from 0.5 to 60 Amps AC (Model 6424)


  • Ground rod and small ground grid resistance measurement
  • Stray and hazardous voltage detection
  • Leakage current detection
  • Bond and continuity resistance checking

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