Align, Crimp, Repeat: Milwaukee® Provides the Fastest Way to Crimp

Milwaukee Tool introduces the fastest, most productive 12-ton Kearney-style crimper with the latest addition to their growing crimper lineup. With speed and unmatched reliability, their new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 12T Kearney Linear Crimper is the fastest way to crimp, with fully enclosed high-speed hydraulics.

The 12-ton crimper’s linear design provides linemen with an optimized center grip for ideal balance and maximum control. The crimper can be used one-handed, freeing the user’s other hand and allowing them to complete the crimp in fewer steps. A 340 ̊ head rotation allows the crimper to be set up in multiple orientations and in a variety of spaces, such as transformers, substations, and overhead applications. Designed for both left and right-handed users, the crimper’s enlarged trigger and electronic release button enable quick activation, even while wearing Class 3 gloves. Compatible with all industry-standard Kearney dies, the battery-powered crimper has a pull-pin die retention system for fast, tool-less die changes.

To ensure a full crimp can be completed, a pre-crimp battery check automatically confirms the battery has enough charge. Milwaukee’s Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM™) constantly measures the linear crimper’s output force, delivering the fastest crimp speeds across all connector types and sizes, including stirrups, tension splices, H-taps, and C-taps. PFM™ technology ensures full pressure is reached during every crimp cycle and a green crimp indicator LED verifies full pressure was reached by the user.

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