An innovative way to join 2 pcs of conduits SCH40 PVC by not exceeding outer dimension of conduits.

Duct bank projects often are being prefabricated on site or at a shop at a contractor place near the trench location. PVC Conduits of that trench section come in 20, 40 or 80 ft length and lowered in a trench at one time. Often breakage of conduit occur for many reasons. When that happens contractor has an issue trying to fix the repair. Transition coupling inside to inside pvc is the solution. You join 2 pcs of conduit at breakage point by reaming out both pcs of conduits, applying cement glue to both ends of a tapered part fitting and completing repair without touching prefabricated system of your trenched conduits solving a very serious headache. The product is used in a variety of ways not only for repair jobs, but new installation as well. Manholes often require joining conduits together, stub ups coming out of slabs require same installation method and this is a unique way to completing that install.

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