Appleton Areamaster Gen 2 LED Industrial Floodlights Can Save Up to 75% on Energy Costs

Versatile, energy-efficient luminaires feature optic designs for superior uniformity and coverage in hazardous industrial locations

Retrofitting HID floodlights with Areamaster Generation 2 LED industrial floodlights from Appleton will save companies upwards of 75% on energy costs, while virtually eliminating maintenance burdens, and improving worker productivity by providing uniform, high-quality light.

Exceptionally versatile, this next generation luminaire comes in a wide selection of beam patterns, color temperatures, and lumen outputs ranging from 9,000 to 38,000 lumens, allowing companies to cost-efficiently retrofit existing HID floods from 250W to 1500W, however diverse their lighting needs. Plus, it uses the same slip fitters and pole brackets as older Appleton HID floodlights so retrofits cost less and require fewer labor hours.

Reduced Maintenance

In harsh, hazardous locations — such as an offshore oil rig or a wastewater treatment center — it is potentially dangerous to expose maintenance personnel to the environment, especially when they are perched upon a tall ladder replacing a hard-to-reach component. The Areamaster Generation 2 LED virtually eliminates maintenance needs with upgrades that include a gasketed front wiring compartment, up to 10kV surge suppression for installations in Category C high-risk areas, and high-temperature silicone gaskets that prevent water ingress and corrosion. The patented thermal design ensures cool operation for a long, maintenance-free life and safe use in practically any Class I Division 2 or Class II hazardous location.

In addition, because the luminaire boasts an operational “on” time exceeding 60,000 hours, workers are not as frequently required to perform routine maintenance, unlike with an HID floodlight which can have a lifespan as brief as 3,000 hours. Replaceable LED drivers can extend luminaire life even beyond 60,000 hours. When run in an optimal environment of 25° C (77° F) the luminaries may last beyond 200,000 hours or approximately 22 years.

Customized Lighting Solutions

When light quality is diminished, work areas are inherently less safe. Poor lighting can cause eye strain and headaches, as well as a lack of employee focus. Fortunately, continuous light levels are a given with the Areamaster Generation 2 LED. A variety of available options allow engineers to create custom solutions that deliver targeted light for enhanced safety and productivity, even in extreme hot/cold temperature environments of -40° C to +65° C (-40° F to 149° F) and marine (salt water) environments.

Options include: a choice of either cooler 5000K or warmer 3000K color temperatures, as well as secondary optic options for NEMA 7×7, NEMA 7×6 (HID like) and NEMA 5×5 light distribution patterns to deliver lumens evenly and efficiently to floodlit areas without excess glare, hotspots, overspill, light pollution or wasted energy. Optic assemblies are fully gasketed to ensure board-level protection against dust and water ingress. There are also an assortment of mounting options, safety cables, guards and visors, along with replaceable drivers and lens covers. All lumen outputs are available for 120-277VAC or 347-480VAC.

Built for long-term reliability and extended luminaire life, Areamaster Generation 2 LED luminaires feature a copperfree aluminum diecast housing with architectural bronze polyester powder coat finish for exceptional corrosion resistance in the toughest environments. The luminaries are certified for Class I Division 2 and Class II hazardous locations and rated for use in NEC/CEC installations. High-temperature silicon gaskets and stainless steel bolts and accessories contribute to NEMA 4X, IP66/IP67 and Marine ratings for use in harsh and corrosive environments.

Appleton is backing its new Areamaster Generation 2 luminaries with a five-year warranty. In addition, Areamaster Generational 2 luminaries purchased with a secondary optic and extra surge protection receive a ten-year warranty.

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