Appleton Expands LED Lighting Line with Industrial-Grade Luminaire for Low-Mounting Heights

Appleton has leveraged the rugged features of its hazardous location Mercmaster LED Series to develop an ordinary location luminaire suited for low mounting heights. With an installed profile of only six inches, the depth of Appleton Industrial Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires is approximately 25 percent less than its nearest competitor.

Appleton Industrial Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires yield superior performance in areas with ceiling heights up to 15 feet or where OSHA regulations limit the use of ladders, resulting in lower mounting heights for fixtures. Field changeable globes, 6kV standard surge, lumen outputs up to 5500 lumens, and a gray epoxy powder coat finish also make these luminaires a great option for harsh industrial locations where corrosive atmospheres are encountered.

Appleton Industrial Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires are especially valuable in transitioning facilities from older HID fixtures up to 175 Watts to energy-efficient LED lighting technology. Consuming 65 percent less energy, the LED model maintains the same look and feel as its HID counterpart by using identical housing and mounting hoods. Four field-replaceable globe alternatives — clear glass, clear polycarbonate, diffused polycarbonate, and prismatic glass refractor — allow engineers to choose the perfect lighting solution. Seven standard mounting hood designs also give added flexibility to install the luminaires in any location.

Appleton Industrial Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires can be deployed in wet and marine locations and other harsh areas, such as storage areas, tunnels, stairwells, loading docks, parking garages, and food/beverage processing. The luminaires are also available in an Emergency Battery Backup version that offers 90- or 180-minute modes and features a functional diagnostic test that self-initiates every 14 days after initial start-up.

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