Convenient Access to Power on Rooftop Applications

An innovative solution to provide convenient access to power on raised rooftop deck installations. Provide power access anywhere along a deck surface, perfect for outdoor events or furniture needing access to power and eliminate the need for extension cords along the decking surface — providing greater flexibility in power distribution on rooftops.

The box is designed to be installed flush alongside rooftop pavers and features a hinged top cover that allows access to 2-gangs of devices. The internal outlet box can be rotated upwards to allow for easy access to connections and rotates downwards to provide cord drip protection while-in-use.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Installation. The outdoor rooftop box is designed to integrate seamlessly into raised floor patio systems commonly used on rooftops.
  • Weather Resistant GFCI Outlets. Prewired unit includes two 20A duplex weather resistant GFCI outlets. Unwired unit provides 2-gangs of capacity.
  • Flush, Durable Design. The outdoor rooftop box sits flush with the floor and incorporates a slip resistant surface to prevent safety issues.
  • Shallow Design. Can be used in any raised floor system with 7” or more space from top of floor to roof surface.
  • RoHS, Prop 65 compliant.
  • While-in-Use Design. Plug in your devices, route cables through egress and close the cover for NEMA 3R protection while in use.
  • 1000 lb. Load Rating. Capable of withstanding loads of 1,000 lbs, this box can handle loads from foot traffic, drink carts or dollies suppling the outdoor area.
  • Self-Closing Cover. Self-closing to prevent users from leaving the receptacles exposed to the elements and open cover tripping hazards.
  • Match Space Aesthetic. Available in both gray and black cover finishes to complement rooftop decking.

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