DEWALT® Announces Highest Capacity Batteries Dedicated To 12V MAX and 20V MAX Platforms

DEWALT announces new 12V MAX* 5.0 Ah (DCB126) and 20V MAX* XR® 10.0 Ah (DCB210) batteries, each of which will be the highest capacity batteries fully dedicated to the 12V MAX* and 20V MAX* Systems. Each battery will extend the runtime of most tools within its respective 12V MAX* or 20V MAX* System.

In comparison to existing DEWALT 12V MAX* batteries, the 12V MAX* 5.0 Ah battery includes twice the number of lithium ion cells, contributing to increased run time and expand- ing the capabilities of the 12V MAX* System. The pack is compatible with most 12V MAX* power tools and chargers and includes a 2-year limited warranty.

Utilizing 21-mm large format lithium-ion cells, the 20V MAX* XR® 10.0 Ah battery (DCB210) is ideal for contractors who require long-runtime applications on a single charge and is designed to reduce the number of battery packs needed on the jobsite. The battery is compatible with most 20V MAX* power tools and chargers and has less than a 10-Oz. weight difference versus the 20V MAX* XR® 5.0 Ah battery (DCB205). Like the 20V MAX* XR® 6.0 Ah battery (DCB206) and 20V MAX* XR® 8.0 Ah battery (DCB208), the 20V MAX* XR® 10.0 Ah battery supports the high-performance level of DEWALT XR® POWER DETECT tools. The 10.0 Ah pack comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

These new battery offerings are available where DEWALT products are sold in early 2021.

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