DEWALT® Launches New TOUGHSERIES™ Hand Tools, Redefining The Standard Of Tough

DEWALT To Roll Out Most Durable and Innovative Tapes, Hammers and Screwdrivers To-Date, As Well As Sustainable TOUGHSERIES™ Tape Packaging

DEWALT announces TOUGHSERIES™, a new line of premium hand tools representing the most durable hand tools from DEWALT yet. Designed for heavy-duty use in the most demanding applications, the TOUGHSERIES™ portfolio will launch with tapes this summer followed by hammers and screwdrivers in the fall. TOUGHSERIES™ tapes are designed with housing that survives a 100 ft. drop**, TOUGHSERIES™

hammers are 5X more durable*** than previous models, and TOUGHSERIES™ screwdrivers tout 10X more corrosion resistance∆ than previous models – all redefining the standard of tough.

TOUGHSERIES™ tape measures are built to last and feature an ultra-rugged housing that survives a 100 ft. drop**, as well as a durable coating that protects the entire length of the blade, and a 6 in. Rip-Shield™ blade coating for improved hook connection and long life. The new TOUGHSERIES™ tape is the first DEWALT® tape measure with double-sided print, providing added versatility for vertical and overhead measuring from any angle. Each TOUGHSERIES™ tape includes a removable magnet utilizing patented hook connection technology as well as a contoured case design for improved grip and control. Available in 16 ft. (DWHT36916S), 25 ft. (DWHT36925S), and 35 ft. lengths (DWHT36935S), TOUGHSERIES™ tapes have up to 17’ max reach that is straighter and stronger than previous models allowing users to measure large spans while working alone.

DEWALT is also proud to announce new sustainable TOUGHSERIES™ tape packaging. Designed to reduce the amount of plastic packaging introduced to the waste stream, DEWALT is implementing an eco-friendly clip-card estimated to eliminate 10,000 lbs. of PVC per year, or the equivalent of more than 400,000 0.5L water bottles that will be diverted from landfills and oceans. Sustainable TOUGHSERIES™ tape packaging is a significant step towards Stanley Black & Decker’s corporate pledge to make all packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by the year 2025.

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