Douglas Lighting Controls® Introduces the Conference Room Controls App to its Bluetooth® Wireless System of Devices

Douglas Lighting Controls®, a member of the Panasonic family of companies, recently announced the pairing of its Conference Room Controls App to its system of Bluetooth® Wireless devices. Designed for conference room and boardroom applications, the new iPad control console pairs seamlessly with Douglas Lighting Controls’ Bluetooth Wireless eco-system of devices to provide a modern, large format touch screen interface for control functionality.

The Conference Room Control App has the ability to support up to eight zones with a maximum of eight presets. It provides customers with a simple, touch screen solution for controlling light in conference room atmospheres. The app allows users to create preset scenes like meeting, presentation, and video to quickly set the desired light levels with one tap on the screen.

“Modern boardrooms want to showcase the latest technology as this is where their senior executives and best customer will meet,” said Audey Korpus, Senior Product Manager at Douglas Lighting Controls. “A user-friendly interface featuring Bluetooth wireless technology for controlling the lights is a great way to enhance a modern boardroom and present a technology forward experience.”

The control console app operates on an Apple iPad to set and adjust lights that are controlled with the Bluetooth Wireless ecosystem. Featuring mounting hardware for wall or tabletop applications, the app offers a solution designed to meets specific room requirements for any user. The wall mount can be used in place of wall station switches or a table mounted control solution can be used to place controls directly on the boardroom table or a convenient side table.

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