Eaton’s Wiring Devices Introduces a Duplex Nightlight Receptacle

Eaton has expanded its family of LED combination nightlights to now include the industry’s first duplex receptacle (TR7734) featuring color temperature-changing technology (COOL, NEUTRAL and WARM) and four brightness levels. In addition, the duplex receptacle is designed with two modes of operation – an industry exclusive. In Nightlight mode, the integrated photosensor turns the nightlight ON/OFF based on the ambient light in the space. The Guidelight mode allows users to override the photosensor for continuous nightlight operation. The TR shutters provide compliance with 2017 and 2020 NEC.

Additional features include:

  • LED offers four levels of brightness in Guidelight mode, OFF – LOW – MEDIUM – HIGH
  • Users can dim the LED up/down to desired levels of brightness while in Nightlight mode
  • Select from three colors temperatures, COOL – NEUTRAL – WARM, in both modes
  • Available in White (W) and Light Almond (LA) finishes
  • Provides the user with a duplex receptacle design with an integrated nightlight
  • TR shutters provide compliance with 2017 and 2020 NEC

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