Eaton’s Wiring Devices Unveils Commercial Labor-Saving Modular Receptacles and Switches

Designed to provide the most efficient way to wire receptacles and switches for large commercial projects, the Arrow Hart EZ Link™ modular devices reduce installation costs and timelines and allow for secure, aligned, and accurate installation faster than traditional wiring.

The heavy-duty EZ Link devices enable installers to wire a connector during rough-in and easily and quickly install the device at trim-out, saving time and skilled labor hours. Ideal for high-rise office buildings, hotels, and other large projects, the modular design makes replacements and future enhancements easy as well.

The unique sliding, arrow-shaped design allows the connector to slide and lock into place onto the back of the device, guided by rails for accurate alignment. Releasing wings provide an easy, one-handed release of the device, while offering two points of capture to stay securely attached to the device.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Arrow shaped connectors easily identify insertion direction, preventing incorrect installation.
  • Slim profile allows more room in the electrical box for rapid installation.
  • Wire relief slots allow sharp bending to easily push all the wires back into the box.
  • Gripping ridges provide a secure grip for the installers.
  • A dedicated labeling area adds convenience to meet special labeling needs.
  • Heavy-Duty design provides ultimate durability for the most demanding environments.
  • Devices meet all UL20 (switches) and UL498 (receptacles) applicable requirements and is FedSpec certified.

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