Electro Post CAT# EP-10 Box Support Plate

Mount boxes quickly to either side of bracket Works with all stud wall widths 2.50” 3,625” or 6”. Safer solution -No need to reach all the way up to the building steel eliminating need of using ladder in excess of 10’ height or more. Simply fold bracket in under 5 seconds forming a cylinder, placing tabs in 3 slots to secure it in place. Attach box or boxes to either side of EP-10 as shown in picture above. 5 times faster than current installation methods. Mount boxes by eliminating height dangerous jobs. Strong 24 gauge galvanized steel. Safer for electricians to work with, accessible and consistent height thru-out building. No tools needed during installation other than a screw gun and screws. Square tube design allows to install boxes on opposite sides of the pre punch post.

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