Emerson Expands LED Temporary Work Light Line to Drive Increased Safety and Productivity

Appleton LED lights now available in three brightness levels for expanded use in construction, auto repair, and MRO

Emerson recently added new models to its Appleton TL LED temporary work light family, enabling electricians, MRO crews, mechanics, and construction professionals to leverage extremely bright, energy-efficient 360° illumination in more projects to achieve improved safety and productivity. Depending on their needs, customers can now choose from 60W (200W HID equivalent – 7,200 lumens), 100W (400W HID equivalent – 12,000 lumens), or 150W (600W HID equivalent – 18,000 lumens) TL models, all delivering highly mobile, affordable and bright lighting.

Light the Way to Safety

Workers need bright temporary lighting to prevent accidents while handling dangerous tools and equipment, operating heavy equipment, or navigating sites that may include potholes, drops, crumbled concrete, rebar and other hazards. According to OSHA, 2.9 million American workers are injured on the job each year, with poor lighting to blame for the most frequent types of accidents such as slips, trips, falls, and contact with objects and equipment. Injuries caused by falls, in particular, are more likely to be life-threatening than most other types of injuries. Spinal, head, or neck injuries are a common result of falls, regardless of the height, and can leave the worker severely disabled or lead to death.

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