Emerson High-Efficiency Power Supplies Help Ensure Maximum Machine Availability in Harsh Industrial Environments

SolaHD SDN-D Power Supplies Generate Significantly Less Heat in Cabinets

SolaHD, an Emerson brand and one of the world’s most innovative suppliers of power quality solutions, has strengthened its leadership position with the launch of the next generation SDN-D Series of power supplies that ensure maximum machine availability and minimal unplanned downtime over an extended lifecycle.

“SolaHD SDN-D power supplies are very energy efficient compared to standard models, making them transformational to performance achievable in the IIoT age,” said Patrick Murphy, Product Marketing Manager for Emerson’s SolaHD brand. “Emerson is committed to developing power quality solutions that help customers across an array of industries attain the most dependable and productive operations.”

Optimized to thrive in heavy-duty environments, SDN-D power supplies deliver the industry’s highest power efficiencies within an ultra-compact, slimline footprint. Available in 10 and 20 Amp models with 24 Vdc single-phase output, these exceptionally robust power supplies support manufacturers requiring extensive hazardous location certifications, a wide operating temperature range, and quick drop-in compatibility to replace existing power supplies. Optional redundancy modules allow two SDN-D power supplies to power the same load, addressing the possible loss of a unit due to failure and eliminating any risk of downtime.

Heat is the enemy of automation components, especially when those components are installed within an enclosed panel. By achieving up to 94.2 percent efficiency, SDN-D power supplies generate far less heat than standard power supplies, resulting in enclosures staying cooler on the inside and preventing heat-related component failure. This advantage is critical in operating environments that already have high ambient temperatures, such as petrochemical refineries, auto manufacturing, and food processing plants. Additionally, the higher efficiencies eliminate the expense of cooling fans in the panel and the need for power supply derating.

Manufacturing engineers and integrators were top of mind during the design of SDN-D Series. The overall footprint of SDN-D power supplies is 31 percent narrower than previous generation SolaHD SDN-C models to help these professionals make the most of crowded DIN rails. Reduced dimensions enable more components to be safely integrated onto panels and for the use of smaller, less expensive enclosures. This is especially important in complex automation applications requiring the extensive use of control components and availability of reliable power. Diagnostics information is easily viewable through the incorporation of a single two-color LED with printed status legend, and DC OK relay terminals for transmitting diagnostics data to a PLC or controller.

For information, visit www.solahd.com.