Emerson Introduces New Greenlee® GRE-6: One Tool to Cut Wire, Crimp Connectors and Punch Electrical Boxes

Patented QuickChange System™ increases tool versatility on the job

Electrical workers searching for versatility with a multi-functional tool to cut wire, crimp connectors and punch electrical panels now have a practical option with the new Greenlee GRE-6 Interchangeable Head 6-in-1 Cable Termination Tool, powered by a Makita® battery. The GRE-6 is a 6-ton hydraulic tool with six interchangeable tool head options and is backed by the Greenlee Gator® seven-year warranty.

“The GRE-6 is ideally suited for electrical troublemen or maintenance professionals that need a variety of tools with hydraulic power,” said Ryan Berg, Product Manager, Greenlee for Emerson. “GRE-6 provides that versatility by allowing the ability to quickly switch tool heads and reduces time wasted going back and forth to search for multiple tools. It’s one tool that can do the job of three with efficiency and precision.”

Additionally, the GRE-6 reduces the cost of tool ownership and saves storage space. Available separately or as a kit, the QuickChange System gives operators the ability to quickly and easily switch heads. Head options include: CU/AL Scissor Cutting Head – Designed for cutting up to 750 kcmil (MCM) copper/aluminum building wire. ACSR Cutting Head – Capable of cutting up to 477 kcmil (MCM) ACSR and up to 3/8-inch guy wire.

6-Ton Quad-Point Crimping Head – Classified to UL 1976 for copper connectors and wire from #8AWG to 750 kcmil (MCM) and aluminum connectors and wire from #8AWG to 500 kcmil (MCM).
6-Ton Service Drop Crimping Heads (O and BG configurations) – For use with:
Copper Taps: #10 Solid – 2/0 Stranded
AL and ACSR Taps: #14 Solid – 4/0 ACSR
Stirrups: #6 – 4/0 ACSR
Tension Splices: #10 Stranded – 4/0 ACSR
Lugs and Splices: #8 – 350 MCM AL, 500 MCM CU
Service Entrances: #10 Stranded – 4/0 ACSR
Knockout Punch Head – Punches 1⁄2-inch to 4-inch holes in 12-gauge mild steel and 14-gauge stainless steel. The 360-degree head rotation increases maneuverability. Accessories include draw studs and spacers.

A Makita® 18-volt LXT® Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah battery system provides more run time per charge. The powerful battery reaches a full charge faster when using the Rapid Optimum Charger (sold separately).

For more information, visit emerson.com/professionaltools.