Emerson Launches IIoT-Ready Power Supply Solution

SolaHD Communication Module Provides Networked Access to Power Supply Diagnostic Data, Alarms and Events

SolaHD, an Emerson brand, has launched a next generation power solution that brings network connectivity to its SDN-D high-performance DC power supply, enabling it to serve as an IIoT-ready device providing condition monitoring, asset tracking, and quick troubleshooting in addition to serving as a power converter.

Connecting the new SolaHD Communication Module (SCM) to an SDN-D power supply lets plant operators continuously monitor its diagnostics over standard Ethernet/IP or HART 7 protocols and transmit this data to supervisory systems. Operators and service technicians can now monitor the health of each power supply remotely. Key diagnostic information can be sent to a historian for predictive maintenance helping to ensure uptime and better utilize important resources.

Slim and rugged, the DIN-rail mounted SCM provides network connectivity support for one or two SDN-D Series power supplies. SolaHD SDN-D power supplies deliver the industry’s highest power efficiencies within an ultra-compact, slimline footprint. Available in 10 and 20 Amp models with 24 Vdc single-phase output, these exceptionally robust power supplies support manufacturers requiring extensive hazardous location certifications, a wide operating temperature range, and quick drop-in compatibility to replace existing power supplies. By adding network intelligence to the SDN-D power supply, the SCM ensures greater reliability, reduced unscheduled downtime due to equipment failures, lower maintenance costs, and extended equipment life.

“Rapid growth in the IIoT demands a new type of power supply with enterprise-grade connectivity combined with industrial features to meet compliance and use case requirements,” said Jay Hendrix, Product Marketing Manager-Connected Power | SolaHD. “That is what Emerson is bringing to the table with the SDN-D power supply and SCM module combination. This ‘drop-in’ upgrade is compatible with any current infrastructure, regardless of age or level of control sophistication. It starts diagnosing performance and monitoring key performance metrics the moment it is installed, so you can keep a check on what is happening in real-time, anywhere, and on any device.”

For more information, visit www.solahd.com