Emerson Uninterrupted Power Supply Maximizes Machine Availability and Minimizes Unplanned Disruptions in Harsh, High Temperature Industrial Environments

SolaHD SDU AC-B offers optional network communications for advanced control and diagnostics

As more power-sensitive devices are deployed in automated industrial processes, the need for reliable battery backup power is growing exponentially, yet serious challenges remain in the design of traditional Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS). Most UPS are simply too large or heat-sensitive to be installed in control cabinets or to be integrated into machines, and virtually all lack network communications required for remote diagnostics.

To address these challenges, Emerson today launched its SolaHDTM SDU AC-B UPS that combines a compact footprint with a wide operation temperature range, plus offers optional network communications supporting all major industrial protocols. Built rugged for harsh and hazardous locations, the SolaHD SDU AC-B supports organizations by bridging power failures during outages to allow for safe shutdowns of machinery, and by mitigating power quality issues that adversely affect critical loads, therefore minimizing work interruptions, long restart cycles and the loss of data at the point of use.

As a current Emerson customer ex- pressed “We have a hard time selling when we can’t keep our datacenter up all the time. One outage is a multi-million-dollar loss along with damage to our Brand. The SDU B-Series avoids these significant losses while reducing our total cost of ownership through advanced battery health checks and user replaceable batteries“

For information, visit www.solahd.com.