Engineered Products Company Unveils Value-Priced Luminaire for Upgrading and Modernizing Aging Lighting Systems

Engineered Products Company (EPCO), a supplier of specialty lighting and wiring consumable products for electrical contractors, today unveiled a new General Purpose Linear LED Luminaire designed specifically for building owners and facility managers that want to modernize and upgrade aging lighting systems. Consuming 50 percent less electricity than fluorescent lamps for the same amount of light, the luminaire is IP65 rated protection against the ingress of dust, other solid particles and low-pressure jets of directed water. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in cold and wet locations, the luminaire is ideal for commercial and industrial lighting applications, warehouses, outdoor shopping centers, pedestrian and road tunnels, locker rooms, elevator shafts and more.

“Upgrading aged lighting systems is one of the easiest upgrades a building owner and facility manager can do, but upfront costs and installation time can delay much needed renovations,” said Engineered Products Company President Jim Anderson. “Our new linear LED lighting solution helps contractors combat that objection by offering a value-priced contractor-friendly luminaire that is fast and easy to install.”

Ready for immediate installation, the luminaire can be surface mounted or suspended from a ceiling. EPCO’s new value-priced General-Purpose linear LED luminaire provides a modernized appearance, improves lighting quality and reduces monthly energy costs. The reliable solid-state performance, and high lumens per watt efficiency is targeted to building owners and facility managers that want to upgrade aging lighting systems. The lighting solution consumes less than half the wattage output of typical 4-foot fluorescent luminaires that use two 32-watt T8 fluorescent lamps.

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