Gain Greater Visibility of Lighting Assets with New Appleton Mercmaster Connect LED Luminaires and Emerson Plantweb Insight Software

Wirelessly Networked Lighting Solution Accelerates IIoT Journey to Improved LED Energy Efficiency, Lower Maintenance, Higher Productivity

Emerson Automation Solutions announced today a new version of its Appleton™ Mercmaster™ LED hazardous location luminaire that is fully compatible with the Emerson Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, a scalable and secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) portfolio of transformational technologies, software and services. The breakthrough new luminaire, dubbed the Appleton Mercmaster Connect, can be linked wirelessly to Plantweb Insight™ software via Emerson WirelessHART™ network technology. This innovative solution provides facility managers with continuous monitoring of their LED lighting with real-time insights gained into sustainability goals, diagnostics and illuminance levels from any remote location, at dramatically lower costs as compared to wired alternatives, with faster installation time and minimal disruption to plant operations.

“The Appleton Mercmaster Connect LED Luminaire is the next step in digital transformation for Appleton hazardous location lighting,” said Edward Brann, Connected Solutions Product Manager for Emerson. “With quick and accurate data analysis made possible by Plantweb Insight, it is much easier to prioritize maintenance and identify potential hazards or failures that may put the safety, reliability, and compliance of a facility at risk. No matter how many Mercmaster Connects are in a facility, users can instantly make sense of all their lighting data to drive overall enterprise profitability. Plantweb Insight automatically and strategically interprets data to enable measurable performance improvement in the areas of lighting reliability, safety and sustainability.”

When a WirelessHART network is installed in a facility, a Mercmaster Connect will join it using the gateway’s network and join keys. Mercmaster Connect strengthens the network for other devices by creating additional data pathways back to the gateway. Even without a network, the luminaire’s integrated Appleton Wireless Motion Sensor will detect motion for smart illumination of the area. If no motion is detected, the Mercmaster Connect either will turn off or dim down lighting to a pre-set level of intensity. The Time Out delay and dimming output can be programmed using an Emerson AMS TREX Device Communicator on the workbench, eliminating the danger of using ladders or scaffolding to reach luminaire controls. Also available, the Plantweb Insight Connected Lighting™ app allows a facility manager to commission Mercmaster Connect luminaires for controls such as occupancy detection, daylight harvesting and scheduling, taking the pressure off so they can focus on more productive tasks.

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