Greaves SNAP! Makes Perfect Connections

SNAP! connectors offer time-saving convenience, and the ability to work in tight spaces without bulky tools and dies. Insert your stripped wire, then turn a standard (box or adjustable) wrench to compress the copper body until the pre-calibrated nut snaps off. The result is superior conductivity and pull-out strength. SNAP! Connectors are UL listed. I got tired of hauling around a heavy hydraulic crimper and a full set of dies just to do 3 or 4 simple connections. For inspection, the slots show that the wire is fully inserted. When the connection is completed, the hex nut is gone, showing that the connection is complete and solid. After insulation (cold-shrink, heat-shrink, tape, etc.) the resulting shape without the hex nut is visually apparent. SNAP+ kits include cold-shrink sleeves. SNAP! is available in 1-hole and 2-hole NEMA lugs, and splices, for #2 through 500MCM.

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