Greenlee Introduces New 15-Ton Crimper: 15% Lighter than Previous Models

The 15T also has improved ergonomics, new C-head design and is optimized for weight balance

Greenlee®, a part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, introduces the EK1550SLX 15-Ton Crimper, a pistol-grip style crimping tool that is 15% lighter compared to Greenlee’s existing Kearney-style models, and features a new C-head design with optimized weight balance for overall improved ergonomics.

“15-ton crimping tools have historically been difficult to work with due to their weight and cumbersome flip-top head configuration, but thanks to continued advances in technology, Greenlee’s new 15T Crimper addresses both of these concerns,” said Ryan Berg, director of product management, Greenlee. “The crimper’s new head design reduces weight, improves balance and makes loading and unloading easier. Those improvements work together to improve ergonomics, putting less strain on the body throughout the day.”

Designed for crimping large capacity conductor and connectors in overhead and underground applications, the 15T Crimper crimps up to 1500 kcmil copper and 1250 kcmil aluminum lugs and splices. It is compatible with all industry-standard U and P die configurations, eliminating the need to switch dies based on the job.

Weighing less than 18 pounds with battery, the 15T Crimper also has 350-degree head rotation to access tight spaces with ease and new built-in alignment guide to help ensure a quality crimp. Integrated Intelli-Crimp® System and real-time feedback OLED info center maximize productivity, battery longevity and provide instant tool performance metrics.

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