Greenlee® Pull Connect™: Intuitive, Synchronized Cable Pulling Solution

Cable pulling accessory enhances team communication for improved job site pulls

Greenlee®, a part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, recently introduced Pull Connect™, a pulling accessory with a simple, intuitive operation that wirelessly synchronizes both sides of a cable pull and allows it to be stopped from either side. This easy-to-use design allows cable pulling operators to focus on the pull for enhanced safety and confidence on the job site.

“Our team regularly hears from electrical contractors that team communication is their number one safety concern when pulling cable,” said Alex Carey, product manager, Greenlee for Emerson. “The Greenlee Pull Connect addresses those concerns with its ability to synchronize a pull, extend the signal and provide wireless communication.”

Pairing with existing Greenlee pulling equipment and designed to communicate through walls, floors and other obstructions for a synchronized pull, Pull Connect units are interchangeable, allowing them to be used in all modes (pull side, feed side and optional repeater). To help assure reliable communication, it can connect up to two repeaters, making it adaptable to nearly every job site.

Pull Connect is controlled by a foot switch for hands-free operation and provides visual cues to ensure noise is not a factor during pulls. A quick-stop button on the Pull Connect also allows the users further control of the pull. A water-resistant case and internal antenna protect from job site conditions and moisture, while its magnetic backing enables quick and easy mounting to pulling equipment.

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