HPS Launches SineWave Filter To Safeguard Motor and Cables

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS), a leading manufacturer of dry-type transformers, reactors and power quality solutions, proudly announces the launch of the HPS Centurion S SineWave Filter. This robust solution is purposefully designed to condition the pulse width modulated (PWM) output of variable frequency drive (VFD) into a nearly perfect sinusoidal waveform, providing protection for motors and cables in diverse industrial applications.

The HPS Centurion S, serves as a low-pass filter, proficiently eliminating high-frequency components in the VFD output. This comprehensive approach safeguards motors and feeder cables by reducing voltage reflection, harmonic distortion, bearing current, insulation stress, and motor noise.

“This innovative filter establishes a defense against typical electrical disturbances encountered on the load side of the VFDs, ensuring the prolonged operation and durability of critical equipment,” said Michael Frayne, Senior Vice President, Power Quality & Power Conversion Solutions. “The HPS Centurion S enhances our power quality portfolio, reinforcing our dedication to providing extensive power quality solutions for our customers.”

Motor and Cable Protection Features:

  • Extended Lifespan: HPS Centurion S is a robust and efficient solution to safeguard motors and feeder cables, extending their lifespan and significantly improving overall efficiency.
  • Improved performance: By mitigating high-frequency currents and voltage spikes, the HPS Centurion S ensures lower temperature operation and improved overall performance.
  • Increased efficiency: The filter optimizes the power delivered to the motor, contributing to increased operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Customers can witness live testing of the HPS Centurion S, either in person or virtually, at the HPS Power Quality Lab, alongside other power quality solutions offered by HPS.

For more information, visit www.hammondpowersolutions.com