Identify Multiple Circuits Instantly with Atkore’s True Color™ EMT

Durable cable protection in eight colors saves time and guesswork

An even more vibrant color-coded electrical metallic tubing (EMT) system that provides superior protection while enabling quick, visual identification of multiple circuit systems is now available from Atkore™, under the Allied Tube & Conduit® brand.

True Color™ EMT provides a user-friendly way to separate a variety of critical cables in any setting. Available in eight fresh, vibrant colors, it reduces work time by making it possible to quickly identify and distinguish multiple circuits – including fire alarm circuits, power wiring and communications, among others. It also eliminates the manual task of marking tubing with paints, powder coats or tapes.

Long-lasting, easy-to-install, scratch-resistant protection made in the USA

True Color™ EMT combines strength with ductility – it’s easy to bend, cut and join while resisting flattening, kinking and splitting.

Precision manufactured from high-grade mild strip steel for durability and long-lasting life, True Color™ EMT is hot galvanized using a patented inline Flo-Coat process. This process combines zinc, a conversion coating, and a clear organic polymer topcoat to form a triple layer of protection against corrosion and abrasion.

True Color™ EMT has a special low-friction interior coating called E-Z Pull® that improves the slip properties between conduit and wire. With E-Z Pull EMT, wire pulls through the EMT smoothly, making installation easier and faster. The product features improved scratch resistance and is available in trade sizes ½ (16) to 4 (103).

EMI Shielding

True Color™ EMT offers excellent mechanical protection for conductors. It reduces electromagnetic field levels for encased power distribution circuits, shielding computers and other sensitive electronic equipment from the effects of electromagnetic interference. (See GEMI software analysis program.)

Codes & Standards Compliance

True Color™ EMT is listed to Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard UL 797 and manufactured in accordance with ANSI C80.3 – standards that have been adopted as federal specifications in lieu of WWC 563. EMT is recognized as an equipment grounding conductor by NEC Section 250-118.

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